What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

When I was a little girl, I loved creating my Christmas wish list. These days, when someone asks me what I want, I’m more inclined to say, “Oh, I don’t know. I’ll love anything you pick out!” The truth is though, we’ve all received presents that, for one reason or another, we were less-than-crazy about. Our online store has a neat offer this holiday season that can help prevent any unwanted gift predicaments by letting your loved ones know exactly what you want – all you have to do is create and share a wish list, and anyone you share that list with saves 20 percent. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create your wish list in the Martha Pullen Online Store by clicking the ADD TO WISH LIST button on the page of the product you’re looking at – whether it’s fabric, lace, a notion, a book, a DVD or kit. Note: you’ll need to be logged in to your store account to add products to your wish list.

Step 2: When your list is complete, simply click the SHARE WISH LIST button at the bottom of the wish list page and enter the email addresses you’d like to share with. You can even include a message to your recipients! Everyone you share your wish list with will receive a coupon for 20 percent off their purchase. It’s a double win: They save 20 percent and you get the gifts you want.

Go ahead – get started creating your wish list today! If you have any questions about how our wish lists work or how to access your list, check out our handy FAQ page. Be sure to also note that the 20 percent off coupon code is valid on most, but not all, items in the Martha Pullen Store. Magazine subscriptions, gift cards, kits, ultimate collections and third-party merchandise are excluded.

Happy Sewing (& Wish-List Making),



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