Video Tutorial: Shaping a Lace Heart

My favorite types of sewing techniques are those that look complicated, but are actually quite easy to create. Lace shaping falls nicely into that category! Often used on christening gowns and other heirloom creations, lace shapes can add a beautiful and unique embellishment to projects. In this clip from Martha Pullen’s Lace Shaping workshop, she’ll show you how to create a lovely lace heart using a lace shaping board and share her helpful tips for curving the lace, pulling the gathering threads, mitering, inserting a fabric strip and more:

Learn how to create more lace shapes on Martha Pullen’s Lace Shaping video workshop. On this workshop, Martha explains the supplies used for lace shaping and shows you how to prepare your fabric. She’ll also show you how and when to use several machine heirloom stitches along with techniques for all the basic lace shapes and the adaptations made for pinless lace shaping.

Happy Sewing,