Stitch a Lazy Daisy Flower with Bullion Tips

Silk ribbon embroidery can add a great deal of beauty and charm to any project – from special garments to elegant linens and trinkets. Below, learn how to embroider a silk ribbon lazy daisy flower with bullion tips from one of the world’s masters of hand embroidery: our friend Gloria McKinnon. Gloria is the owner of Anne’s Glory Box in Newcastle, Australia and has shared her handwork talents at sewing seminars around the globe. She’s also authored numerous books and appeared on several of our Martha Pullen Company DVDs.

Note: This unique flower adds a twist to the lazy daisy stitch and is worked with 4mm silk ribbon. 

1. Bring the needle up at point A. Make a loop with the ribbon.


2. Enter at point B (same hole or very close to point A) and exit at point C (figure 1).

3. Pull the needle through.

4. Insert the needle at point D and exit at point C. Wrap the ribbon around the needle two or three times (figure 2).

5. Hold the wraps between your thumb and finger and pull the needle through, guiding the bullion toward point D.


6. Take the needle to the back at point D (figure 3).

7. Stitch the desired number of petals. Stitch a French knot, bead or crystal in the flower center (figure 4).

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Happy Sewing,