Squaring Off the Bottom of a Bag

If you’re looking for a great gift to sew for graduation or Mother’s Day, look no further than Connie Palmer’s Snap! N-Go Bags DVD. This DVD features tutorials for six fabulous bags, including a ladies handbag, a small shoulder bag, an eReader bag, an iPad bag, an iPhone bag and even an eyeglass case. These easy projects are perfect to make as gifts and you won’t be able to resist making something for yourself too; you may even want to embroider a monogram or name to give the bag a personal touch! Follow Connie’s tutorial below to learn how to box off the bottom of a bag, as seen on the ladies handbag project featured on the DVD.

1. Fold the bag right sides together and pin along the sides about half way down. Before sewing the sides, fold the bottom corners to square them off as follows:


a. Mark 4 inches up from bottom (folded edge) (photo 1).

b. Bring the bottom (folded edge) up inside the bag to meet the 4-inch mark (photo 2). With the side edge of the bag facing you, it will look like a “W.” Pin through all layers (photo 3).


c. Sew the side seams (photo 4). Finish side seams with a zigzag or serge with 4-thread stitch.


d. This is what it looks like after the bag is turned right side out (photo 5).

2. To “square off” the bottom of the bag, crease the bag evenly widthwise from corner to corner. Press.

3. Topstitch very close to the fold.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side of the bag. This will create a flatter bottom to the bag.


Check out the Snap! N-GoBags DVD for complete instructions for all six bag projects! Now marked down to just $5, this DVD will teach you great techniques like Madeira appliqué, shaped spaghetti bias and more.

Happy Sewing,