Sneak Peek: New ‘Serger, Serger!’ Online Licensing

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Alicia, me, Connie and Peggy with all the projects!

Our new Martha Pullen Online Licensing, Serger! Serger! Fundamentals and Creative Flourishes, begins April 30! This course includes all the projects and techniques shared in our popular Serger II face-to-face licensing retreats, and we’re so excited to offer this curriculum online for the first time. Alicia Welcher, Connie Palmer, Peggy Dilbone, Missy Billingley and I taped the course videos recently in Cincinnatti, and of we’ll of course be along with you every step of this online course to guide you and answer questions.


Me, Missy and Alicia having fun taping the videos.

The projects in this curriculum are beautiful and range from heirloom garments to quilts to bags to home decor items. There are more than 24 projects total – all complete with written instructions and video tutorials – plus tips, techniques, business ideas and more. We’ll start with a comprehensive look at your serger, just like we do at all of our face-to-face licensing events. We’ll prepare you to give instruction on how to thread, identify parts and settings for general serging methods, master tips and tricks for specialty serging techniques and use additional feet. You’ll master many valuable techniques, from installing zippers on your serger to creating and attaching piping to creating heirloom techniques by serger.


Serger Lace Dress

To receive your Martha Pullen teacher’s license at the end of the course, you’ll need to complete some technique samples as well as a handful of the course projects: a scrap caddy; a USB case or cosmetic bag; a toddler jacket; a doll slip or convertible slip/dress; and your choice between a quilt, stocking, placemat, bag or purse.

The rest of the projects in this curriculum include a placemat, napkins and napkin ring set; a cute hooded baby blanket; three beautiful quilts (the Wonderful Quilt, the Heirloom Technique Quilt and the Bow-Tie Quilt); a christening gown, slip and bonnet ensemble; a Victorian bonnet; the Pink Meringue Doll Dress and Slip; Christmas stockings; and a ladies sleepwear set that includes a gown, pants and robe.


Serger USB Case

There’s also a ribbon-trimmed camisole with pants; the Ruffles, Piping and Bows Garment Bag; a knit jacket and pants set for toddlers; a serger crochet bonnet; a three-flap purse; a darling lace gown or dress; an heirloom spa bag; the Teardrop Evening Bag; and the Technique Jacket.

In addition to corresponding with the licensing faculty throughout the course, you’ll also be able to share with your fellow licensing students via our message board and project gallery. You’ll have licensing privileges from the day you submit and pass all required projects. This certificate will show that you share the copyright with Martha Pullen Company for all the projects in the curriculum and their written directions. That means you can then make the projects for sale without limit, or, if you’re teaching, you can make as many copies of the project instructions as you need for your students. Don’t worry if you don’t want to teach – we have many students who join us just because they want to master new techniques and receive a great collection of licensed Martha Pullen patterns. But if you do want to teach, having a Martha Pullen teacher’s license is a wonderful credential!


Serger Crochet Bonnets

I’m often asked if you need to take licensing curriculums in any kind of order. No, there are no prerequisites and they are all stand-alone courses. So if you missed out on our previous Serger Licensing (Serger I), don’t worry! And if you did join us for that course, this curriculum includes an entirely new group of projects with unique techniques. Each course is worth taking, as it will expand your expertise and project collection.

I invite you to join us for for this Serger, Serger! Online Licensing. Click here to visit our online licensing site, where you can learn more about the course and register.

Want to join us for a live and in-person event? We’ll be heading to both Lakeland, FL and Cleveland, OH this month for School of Art Fashion Boutique events, and registration is also open for live licensing retreats in Atlanta, GA and Schaumburg, IL later in the year. Visit our Martha Pullen Live Events site to learn more or register for any of these events!

Internet Embroidery Club members, be sure to log in to your account and download your new March designs! This month’s embroidery collection includes an elegant flower basket design and two cute little bunny rabbit motifs – perfect for Easter and springtime!

We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for all of you.

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin


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