Smock This Free Bunny Design for Easter!

Easter smocking

Bunny Kids Easter Parade Smocking Design

I just love seeing little ones dressed up in their Easter outfits! Whether it’s an heirloom classic or a picture smocked or embroidered design, they’re all so adorable. I have an Easter-themed smocking plate to share with you this week in honor of the holiday: Bunny Kids Easter Parade designed by Debbie Glenn of Love and Stitches. This plate was first introduced in 1994 and featured again in our Easter 2007 issue of Sew Beautiful. This motif is absolutely perfect for the season, and your little one is sure to adore it too:

What You’ll Need: DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Cotton Floss in these colors: #554 – lt violet, #738 – very lt tan, #762 – very lt pearl gray, #776 – md pink, #793 – md cornflower blue, #993 – very lt aquamarine, #3078 – very lt golden yellow, White – B5200, Black

Smocked design covers 172 pleats on 12 rows. Each bunny requires 28 pleats with six pleats between bunnies. Three strands of floss are used for borders, four strands for figures. Piping was placed on Row 1 on the model garment.

1. Backsmock Rows 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 with two strands of floss.

2. For upper border, center design by counting three pleats to left of center valley on Row 2. Begin with a down cable, cable five, trellis three up to Row 1-1/2, cable one, trellis three down to Row 2, cable five, repeat. Turn panel upside down, complete other side. Center six-cable rosettes of alternate colors on Row 1-1/2 above cable stitches.

3. For lower border, cable across Row 12. Stitch mirror image of upper border between Rows 11 and 11-1/2.

4. For left girl bunny kid, begin 31 pleats to left of the center valley on Row 6-1/2. Start with a down cable, stack up, then down to complete.

5. For right girl bunny kid, begin 37 pleats to the right of center valley on Row 6-1/2. Complete as above.

6. For left bunny boy, begin 34 pleats to left of left bunny girl on Row 6-1/2. Complete as above.

7. For right bunny boy, begin three pleats to right of center valley on Row 6-1/2. Complete as above.

8. Detail work using black floss includes:

Eyes – three strands, working one lazy daisy stitch for each eye with a single French knot at bottom

Nose – three strands, working three straight stitches to form a triangle; see diagram for placement; fill center with two straight stitches.

Mouth – two strands, working one horizontal stitch; see diagram for placement. Add one vertical stitch from center of mouth to nose.

Whiskers – one strand, working two straight stitches on each side of nose; see diagram for placement.

9. For bow tie, use three strands of yellow. Centered under boy bunny’s chin, work two lazy daisy stitches to form a bow. Make a single French knot at center.

10. For polka dots (optional), work single straight stitches over original cable stitches on girl’s skirt and boy’s shirt. Use four strands and colors indicated in diagram.

11. For Easter baskets, begin with an up cable on Row 7, stacking down to complete. See diagram for proper placement. Use four strands of tan.

12. For eggs, work five separate cable stitches in alternate colors. Cables are not stacked traditionally; refer to diagram.

13. For basket handle, using one strand of tan and work single bullion, wrapped 50 times and couch to hold.

Explore back issues of Sew Beautiful for more spring sewing ideas and inspiration. Be sure to also check out our machine embroidery designs for a great selection of seasonal motifs.

We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for all of you.

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin

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