Sewing Gathered Fabric to Entredeux

Gathered fabric to entredeux

Gathered fabric to entredeux

Several months ago, we shared a tutorial with you for sewing fabric to entredeux. Today, we’d like to take that lesson a step further by showing you how to sew gathered fabric to entredeux. One of the beginning techniques used frequently in heirloom sewing, it is easy to do and adds a nice design element to any project. This how-to from Sue Stewart was featured in Sew Beautiful: Favorite Heirloom Sewing Designs:


1. Set tension settings to normal balance, and place lightweight thread in the bobbin to match the needle thread. Place one entredeux strip and the gathered edge of the fabric right sides together, raw edges even (photo 1). With the entredeux on top and a straight stitch (L=2.0), stitch in the ditch right along the “ladder” of the entredeux. Stitching should be between the two rows of gathering threads on the fabric. Stitch again a little less than 1/8 inch from the first stitching, within the seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance to 1/8 inch (photo 2).

2. Roll and whip this seam allowance by zigzagging (L=1.0; W=4.5) so that one needle swing goes into the fabric right along the previous straight stitching, and the other needle swing goes off the edge of the fabric, rolling the seam allowance (photo 3). HINT: I usually do this roll-and-whip stitching with entredeux on bottom.


3. Press the rolled hem away from the entredeux (photo 4).

4. This next step is optional, but I almost always use it, as it gives a much neater look and keeps the rolled seam from folding back under the entredeux. From the right side, zigzag (L and W=1.0) with a very tiny stitch so that one needle swing stitches over the folded-under edge of the fabric and into the “ditch” between the gathered fabric and entredeux, and the other needle swing just barely stitches into the gathered fabric (photo 5).

5. If stitching to a strip of puffing, repeat the previous steps to stitch the entredeux to the other side of the puffing strip. Insert the puffing strip into the base fabric using instructions for entredeux to fabric.

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