Sew a Peek-a-Boo Lace Hem


“Pink Parfait Dress” by Kari Mecca

When I think about spring sewing, I think of pretty pastels, floral prints and fabulously fun trims – and this dress designed by Kari Mecca includes all three! Named the “Pink Parfait Dress,” the design is featured in Kari’s book More Sewing With Whimsy and includes one of Kari’s signature ribbon flowers and a peek-a-boo lace hem. Follow Kari’s instructions below to recreate this lovely hem. You can easily add the hem to almost any sewing project, and it’s also the perfect solution to adding length to a garment that is now too short:

Figure hem & trim widths:

• If making a project from More Sewing With Whimsy, use measurements provided with project. If adding to another sewing project, shorten skirt length so trim will show and cut peek-a-boo trim to equal hem depth plus peek-a-boo amount.

• To lengthen a finished garment, cut peek-a-boo trim to equal existing hem depth plus peek-a-boo amount. Attach trim using existing hem as a guide.

How to sew the hem:

1. Fold garment hem to the wrong side and press. Unfold hem. Using measurements in project, cut trim to desired length.

2. With right sides together, align raw edges of fabric with trim. Sew in place using a 1/4-inch seam and finish edge or turn under along seam.


3. Refold hem along crease. Sew in place using a blind hem or straight stitch.

4. If adding trim, use hem seam as a guide for trim placement.

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