Serger 1 Online Licensing Update

We’ve had quite a few of you ask whether you can still sign up for our Serger I Online Licensing, and the answer is YES! The class began Nov. 3, but we’ve extended the registration deadline for just a little while longer for those of you who would like to join. Since the course is online, you can watch class videos and complete projects at your own convenience. Check out what Barbara D., a Teaching Beginning Sewing Licensed Teacher and soon-to-be Serger I Licensed Teacher, had to say about how this licensing course is going so far:

“I have taken both Martha Pullen Online Licensing classes. They are fabulous! The structure and content on the classes are amazing and allow you the opportunity to learn so many amazing techniques. Each of the instructors provide you with amazing tips and tricks to ensure your success. As a bonus, you have classmates all over the world with different levels of knowledge and experiences that you would not have in the class room! The projects are amazing and provide you a huge income potential, both through teaching and selling these amazing projects!? Martha and team work hard to provide us with a higher level of education and they succeed! They are amazing! Thank you Martha, Kathy, Alicia, Peggy And Connie, you make these classes so much fun and EASY to learn. Your quick response to any question and grading our projects is fabulous. I feel like you are good friends, can’t wait to me to you face to face one day!”

The course runs though March 7, 2015, and is taught by Kathy McMakin, Connie Palmer, Peggy Dilbone and Alicia Welcher and hosted by Martha Pullen. With over 20 projects to download, and videos to support the project instructions, Serger I Online Licensing will allow you to hone your serger talents and skills in the comfort of your own home. Projects range from quilting and home decorating to totes and garment construction.

Want to join us? Click here to register or learn more information!

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