Master the Art of Heirloom Sewing


Right: Connie, Missy, Martha, Alicia and me filming the Heirloom I online licensing videos in our sewing studio. Left: Some of the beautiful projects featured in the Heirloom I course curriculum.

Our next Martha Pullen Online Licensing event, Heirloom I, begins April 30! We are so excited to offer this course online for the first time and hope you will join us as we teach everything you ever wanted to know about heirloom sewing. Martha Pullen, Connie Palmer, Alicia Welcher, Missy Billingsley and I filmed the class videos in Ohio at the beginning of the year, and we will be along with you every step of the course to guide you and answer your questions. The projects in this curriculum are timeless and breathtaking – they include everything from christening ensembles to decorative pillows to an heirloom sampler quilt to table linens and more. You will learn beginning heirloom techniques, lace shaping, shark’s teeth, cathedral windows, tucks, madeira appliqué and more.

To receive your Martha Pullen teaching license at the end of the course, you will need to complete five required projects and three technique samples. This license gives you shared copyright ownership of the class curriculum and it is a wonderful credential to have if you are interested in teaching sewing. If you’re not interested in teaching that’s OK too! Many of our students partake in licensing just to learn the techniques and make the projects. Not only will you receive over 20 project handouts – you also receive embroidery files in all formats with designs to be used on your projects if desired. Do you have to incorporate machine embroidery in your projects? No. Machine embroidery is not required – but it’s nice to have embroideries that you are allowed to use for your classes if you choose to teach.

I could go on and on about this wonderful course, but now I’m going to turn it over to our students and let them do the talking. I asked some of our licensed teachers who have taken one or more of our previous online licensing courses to share what they thought of the experience. Here’s what they had to say:

Roxana: “I have been sewing for many years and have had a software career for many years with the government, but decided to take the Martha Pullen Beginning Licensing online class because I was thinking of teaching when I retire. It was the first online class that Martha Pullen offered so I jumped at it. I did not really think I would learn anything since I have been sewing for so many years, but I was pleasantly surprised. I learned a great deal. I had been doing things “my way” for so long that I didn’t realize how wrong some of my techniques were. The online class was fun and I made some items that I would never had done otherwise. Taking the class inspired me to do things the right way and even inspired me to buy some “basic” sewing technique DVDs to watch so that I would understand how someone who has never sewn before sees the craft. Had I not taken this class, I don’t think I would have been a good “beginning sewing” instructor. If you have any inclinations that you might want to teach sewing, this class will inspire you and make you a better teacher. Even if you don’t think you would want to teach, this class will show you all the right ways to do things. The added bonus, of course, are many project instructions that come with the course which you can copy and use in your classes as a licensed Martha Pullen teacher!”

Janette: “I was a little Skeptical about taking on online Course from Martha Pullen and company. I became a Martha Pullen Licensed “Teaching beginning sewing Teacher” in 2003. I loved that experience I loved the interaction with all the teachers. I loved the interaction with Martha Pullen herself. I came right home and Started teaching for three dealers. My business grew; And grew. I really wanted to get another Martha Pullen Curriculum. The Handouts are well written and well done. However time became a very big issue. Teaching as much as I did I could not take off a week and fly back to Huntsville to take another Class. My Family was depending on the money I am making from teaching. When the opportunity came up to take an online course, I never thought it would be anything like the first Licensing I went to. However I was very pleasantly surprised. The videos were well done. They made you feel like you were right there with the teacher. Having Martha Pullen at the beginning and ending at each video was awesome!!! Having the instructors answer all your questions and grade your projects right away, was incredible customer service. I loved the interaction with the teachers. The In person and Online course were both life changing for me. Both experiences were Incredible and Everyone at Martha Pullen Company should be very proud of what they have put together for their online course. My hats are off to you. I look forward to taking another Online course! Thank you for everything.”

We would love to have you join us for this Heirloom I Online Licensing Event. Click here to register or learn more about this course – on the site, you can watch Martha’s video invitation, view the course outline, read more student testimonials and much more.

As always, we pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way and for you.

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin