Martha Invites You to Join Serger I Online Licensing


Look at all those fabulous projects!

Our Serger I Online Licensing course begins this coming Monday, August 31! We are so excited to give you this opportunity to become a licensed Martha Pullen teacher. Offering these classes online is a dream come true for Martha Pullen; here she is to tell you more about the course and share her top 10 reasons you should join us! ~Kathy McMakin

Dear Sewing Family: I am thrilled we are offering our Serger I Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher online class once again! So many of you were disappointed that you missed the first time to become a serger teacher last winter that we are offering it again beginning August 31, 2015! My heart is thrilled by the online students who have written to me about how grateful and excited they are with our online licensings. Serger teachers are totally in demand and you can be ready to offer these fabulous classes very quickly!! Are you ready to build your own sewing business?? Some of you have said to me, “Martha I have never totally understood serging until I took this class. Nowhere in the country could I have received lessons that would have taught me this much about serging.”

I know some of you have taken more than one licensed teacher class and our hearts are happy when we know that these are indeed “Martha Pullen Hands-On Event Quality” and that these classes are the best in the world, according to our students. We have always been a company that wants our students to say when they finish our classes, “Well that was easy.” You will love everything about this serger licensed teacher online program so it is time to sign up and “join the group.” Let us make serging EASY for you and your students. I believe with all of my heart that our online licensed teacher programs are the best in the world and that you get “way more than your money’s worth.” We love for our students to say that they truly could not believe what they got.


Easy Serger Pieced Quilt

Before I share my top 10 reasons you might want to join our online Serger I Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher event, here are some basics to know. You will gain access on August 31 when the course begins. Since several of the required projects are ones you choose, you will be creating your own supply list according to projects you choose. You will have nine required projects to make, photograph and upload to the Thought Industries site on or before January 31, 2016. The videos will be available to watch and handouts will be available to download for two years from the end of the class.

1. Forever you will be a Martha Pullen Licensed Serger Teacher. This is a great educational credential. I have to tell you that for years dealerships have been telling me that they are screaming, screaming, screaming for serger teachers and serger classes. I think serger classes are totally in demand. You will be a licensed teacher with fabulous, fabulous classes ready to teach. Dealerships should be thrilled to know you are going to be ready probably by early next year to teach the “real Martha Pullen classes in their dealerships.”


Reversible Serger Jackets

2. You will have access to our licensing education team – Kathy McMakin, Connie Palmer, Alicia Welcher and Peggy Dilbone, all great serger teachers, and you will share with the other students on the Thought Industries format which is so much fun!

3. You are going to have “sew” much fun with us! Kathy, Connie, Alicia, Peggy and I spent a week in Ohio taping and taping this program. We share our special “things” we share when students are in person for classes. I promise these videos really share the “whole package” of love in a classroom. We knew we could teach great videos of techniques, but I promise everything “else” we do in person is there too. I never dreamed it could happen in an online curriculum but it did! At the end of the taping week I said, “I never would have dreamed that the ‘real’ licensing experience could have been done for online, but it did.” I was almost in tears that it really happened. It has everything, not just fabulous videos teaching the “how-to’s.”


Christmas Stockings

4. You will get a curriculum of over 20 fabulous serger projects/lesson plans – professionally written and beautifully illustrated – from purses to quilts to garments to the “kitchen sink” as my Mama used to say!

5. You will have access to serger video lessons not only on how to construct these projects, but also on how to teach these projects.

6. This licensing is reasonably priced. This is a dream of mine because many people simply could not afford to travel in person to become a Martha Pullen Licensed Serger Teacher.


T-Shirt Quilt

7. You can use your “stash” fabrics for these serger kits. Some have written to me saying they even have a stash of zippers if necessary! All supplies are available at a local fabric store if you do not have any on hand. (But you probably do!)

8. Many people are getting financial co-sponsorship from a dealership to help pay for the class. In return the newly licensed serger teacher is committing to teach for a certain amount of time at that dealership to repay.

9. You will have access to our “how-to teach serger” videos. I share my best tips for successfully teaching sewing/serging of any kind! This is a very important part of every licensing event we have. There are many skills involved in being an excellent serging/sewing teacher.


All sorts of serger baby projects!

10. You will enjoy watching our panel discussion with me, Alicia and Connie on how to build a local teaching business in local dealerships. Alicia and Connie have done this very successfully and they have shared many tips.

We cannot wait to have you become a Martha Pullen Serger I Licensed Teacher. The total cost is only $500! I think this is such a fabulous value and our online teachers have pointed out over and over that they could not believe we offered so much at such a reasonable price. The only thing that could possibly make this licensing better would be if I could personally meet each of you to thank you and to hear your great excitement over this curriculum. Click here to learn more and register for Serger I Online Licensing!

May God Bless You,