Martha Invites You to Her Favorite Online Licensing

Our Heirloom I Online Licensing course begins this Thursday, April 30! We are so excited to offer you this opportunity to become a licensed Martha Pullen heirloom sewing teacher. This 18-week online course will not only help you perfect your heirloom sewing skills, but also give you a ready-to-teach curriculum of over 20 beautiful projects. As many of you know, our online teacher licensing program is a dream come true for Martha Pullen; here she is to share with you what makes this Heirloom I course so special! ~Kathy McMakin

Dear Sewing Family: You know how much we are loving having you become Martha Pullen Licensed Teachers ONLINE! TRULY I have never been more excited about any ONLINE licensing than I am our Heirloom I Licensed Teacher program that begins April 30! My dream has always been to have as many heirloom sewing teachers as possible around the world and now one of these dreams is really coming true in a big way since YOU can become licensed ONLINE.

I think I have told you that the quilt in this licensed program is the most beautiful that has ever been developed in the heirloom sewing industry PERIOD. Just look at the projects! I have included this video that I made when were taping the videos. I adore this program with ALL of the projects and all of the instructions – all on video with major instructions that you can look at over and over and over.

Actually ONLINE licensed programs are possibly even more detailed than hands on programs since you can review them for months and months and have your teachers in your sewing room as many times as you want something explained. We will be there to answer your questions via e-mail also. Our licensed teachers have written to us over and over thanking us for the most personal contact in the whole wide world from our teachers while they were taking the course. You know this is the kind of service that we at Martha Pullen Company were founded upon and still have coming to you.


Some of the beautiful projects featured in the Heirloom I curriculum.

OK you only have to finish five required projects and three technique samples to become a Martha Pullen Heirloom Licensed Teacher. The class runs from April 30-September 30! We invite you to join. All of this is for ONLY $500! Now watch this video and click here to visit the online licensing site which tells you everything you are going to get and most importantly sign up quickly. Welcome to the licensed teacher dream heirloom program.

May God Bless You,