Make a Whimsical Scalloped Trim


This trim makes a fun addition to many projects! Left: Scalloped trims made with two-tone ribbon are stitched and stacked and shown around neck of a purchased sweater. Top right: Finished scalloped trim with rickrack. Bottom right: Scalloped trims are layered and featured on the hem of a sundress.

Kari Mecca’s whimsical trims and embellishments can turn any ordinary sewing project into a true work of art. In her Whimsy Flowers & Trims book and companion DVD, she shares step-by-step instruction for a number of fabulous trims and flowers – including this beautiful scalloped trim. These scallops can quickly and easily add style wherever they are sewn, and can be applied in a straight line, along a curved line or extending off an edge. They are beautiful layered on the hem of a dress, or stacked around the neck of a sweater as shown in the photos above. Below, follow Kari’s tutorial for creating this scalloped trim, and be sure to check out the Whimsy Flowers & Trims book and/or DVD to learn how to create more of Kari’s wonderful trims and flowers! (The DVD is marked down to just $5 through June 19 as part of our big DVD Sale!)

NOTE: You can find a tutorial for the single loop trim, which is used as the base for this scalloped trim, here. Sample Whimsy Sticks are included in Kari’s Whimsy Flowers & Trims book, available in our online store, or classic sticks may be purchased separately. Learn more about Kari on her Kari Me Away blog.


Step 1

1. Make single loop trim using a Whimsy Stick wider than width of ribbon. Count number of loops in a scallop (seven shown) and fold trim up.


Steps 2 and 3

2. Pivot trim having upper loop lie over lower loop forming a point. Pin to hold. Do the same along length of trim.

3. On a pinning surface, mark a dot on fabric for each point of scallops (shown spaced 2-1/2 inches). Pin scallop points to marked dots. If sewing trim to fabric, glue-baste in place and stitch over trim seam.


Discover more of Kari’s amazing embellishments on her Whimsy Flowers & Trims DVD, which is marked 80% off through Friday, June 19 as part of our big DVD Sale! On this DVD, Kari demonstrates a variety of great techniques and shows viewers how to make flowers of all kinds, wonderful trims and breathtaking medallions. You can also purchase Kari’s companion Whimsy Flowers & Trims book in our online store.

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