Learn How to Teach Sewing… & How to Teach it Well!


Become a licensed beginning sewing teacher with our online licensing course!

Our “Online Licensing: Teaching Beginning Sewing” course kicks off this Monday, Feb. 23! If teaching others how to sew is something you’d like to do, I hope you will join us for this class. Not only will we prepare you to teach beginning sewing with a ready-made curriculum of over 20 projects, but we’ll also teach you HOW to teach sewing, and how to teach it well. Here’s Martha, the best sewing teacher of all, to explain! – Kathy

Dear Sewing Family: Our Martha Pullen ONLINE Teaching Beginning Sewing Licensed Teacher program begins on February 23! For $500 you are going to receive the equivalent of a college semester in “How to Teach Sewing” I truly feel. These are NOT ordinary “how-to videos” I promise. This is, I believe, one of the greatest bargains in the sewing industry. Why? For many reasons. If you are at all interested in teaching sewing / machine embroidery / needlework / quilting / handwork – any type of sewing – I think you will benefit from this program. Why? There is a massive education in this particular curriculum about how to teach sewing of any kind! “How to teach sewing” is one of the most neglected subjects in this whole industry. Learning “how to teach sewing / quilting / needlework / embroidery” is, I think, as important as knowing “how to do the sewing or quilting or needlework.”

This program has many benefits in addition to the actual projects for teaching beginning sewing, which are beautiful and well done and thought out. How would this program benefit a person who would like to teach quilting classes or machine embroidery classes? Let me share a few ideas on this: Have you ever taken a class from an excellent sewing teacher? Have you ever taken a class from an average sewing teacher? Have you ever taken a class from a bad sewing teacher? Have you ever taken a class from a nice person who was an excellent seamstress or quilter but who did not know how to teach the subject? Have you ever taken a class from a teacher who was a pretty good teacher but you did not really have fun or want to return to take another class? Now you get the idea about teaching sewing. How to teach effectively is an important skill which can be learned.

We address the fact that all students do NOT learn the same way. You as a sewing teacher must realize that there are different learning styles in every classroom. We address this issue and share ideas on how to work with different types of students. Boy are there ever different learning styles in your classes! You must deal with this successfully. And you can. But you need to know about them and how to deal with them.

When I opened my sewing store in 1981 I had an earned Ph.D in Educational Administration. I had taught materials and methods at the university level – in other words taught teachers how to teach effectively. I had taught in the classroom since I was 21 years old. However, I was still rather scared about “how to teach sewing” – a totally different skill from anything I had ever taught. I, like most of us, had to learn how to effectively teach sewing, which involves many different skills. Talk about individualized learning! Everybody, absolutely everybody, will always be at a different place!

When Kathy McMakin, a master teacher herself, and I were planning this online program, one of our main objectives in getting these videos planned for you was to be sure you had massive instruction on “how to teach fabulous sewing classes.” Any type of sewing classes. How do you make sewing classes effective and fun and fabulous? There are many methods to be learned. We believe we have shared many of our best techniques for teaching – which can be applied to any type of sewing you will ever teach.

We have also done a video on how to build a business. A video on how to build a teaching business within a sewing machine dealership so that dealer will always want YOU to come back to teach. This is critical. Remember the dealer is providing space and customers! There are certain things you must do to make this relationship a wonderful one. We teach all about those “things” in these videos.

Trust me this licensing is much more than the fabulous sewing how-to videos. It really will prepare you to teach beginning sewing. What is included? The course includes:

• Great how-to videos on techniques and projects (remain on the site for 2 years)
• Round table discussion – class and kit pricing suggestions
• Business ideas from Martha Pullen – where to teach, advertising yourself and promoting classes
• Tips on how to improve your teaching skills
• Teaching methods for all student types
• Over 20 project handouts for you to download and teach
• Downloadable patterns for all projects – including a blouse (XS-4XL) and a skirt (XS-4XL)
• How to use special notions that make even the most difficult techniques easier
• Instruction on proper dart placement and construction
• How to install the perfect zipper
• Quilting basics – piecing, quilting and binding
• Easy ways to assemble purses, totes and bags
• Measuring and making curtains and shades
• Plus much more!

Upon completion, you’ll receive a personalized Teaching Beginning Sewing licensing graduation certificate, signed by me! Plus receive the Martha Pullen teacher licensing logo for your website or business card as well as a digitized version of the teacher licensing logo. – Martha

Want to join us? Click here to register and learn more about this online course!

We pray for the men and women serving our nation, and we pray for all of you. Thank you for supporting Martha Pullen Company and being a part of our sewing family!

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,