January 2015 IEC Designs are Live


Top L: iec1501 (Hearts 1) = 2.33 x 2.31 inches; Top R: iec1502 (Hearts 2) = 2.37 x 2.46 inches; Bottom L: iec1503 (Hearts 3) = 2.71 x 2.59 inches; Bottom R: iec1504 (Rose) = 2.93 x 2.83 inches

Happy New Year! We are so excited to share our January 2015 Internet Embroidery Club designs with you. The first of the monthly surprises in store for IEC members this year, this collection includes four heart and floral designs that fit your 4×4-inch hoops. Stitch one or more of these designs on a boudoir pillow or tote to create a special Valentine’s gift, or embellish them on ready-made tea towels and table linens for your home. These motifs will also add a sweet accent to makeup bags, scarves, handkerchiefs, bookmarks and more.

Log in to your IEC account to download your designs are start stitching!

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