How to Serge a Knit Bonnet


Knit Tailored Bonnet with Ribbon Ties by Kathy McMakin

Looking for a quick-and-easy baby shower gift? This tailored knit baby bonnet is the perfect solution. Designed by our Director of Education and serger extraordinaire Kathy McMakin, the knit bonnet is featured on her popular serger workshop DVD Knit Baby Daygown & Bonnets. Soft-and-cuddly knit sews together in a flash on your serger, so be prepared – you’re going to want to create one of these bonnets in every color!

• 14″ (stretchy) x 16″ rectangle of baby knit
• 1/2 yard 1/4″ ribbon
• 1 yard 5/8″ ribbon
• Tapestry needle or bodkin
• Hand sewing needle
• #80 Ballpoint or knit needles
• Small red sticky dots
• General sewing and serging supplies

Serger Settings:
Please note: The settings given are for a Baby Lock serger. If you do not have a Baby Lock, set your serger for the stitch listed with the approximate L (length), W (width) and DF (Differential Feed) found below.

Set the serger for three-thread narrow overlock. Ballpoint needle; L=2.5; W=6.5 – 7.0; SS=B; DF=1.0 – 1.3

How to Serge:
1. Place a red dot on the right side of the rectangle 1 inch from the 14-inch side (stretchy side).


2. Fold the rectangle in half wrong sides together for fold #1. Fold again 1-1/4 inch to create the brim and fold #2. Press well (fig. 1).

3. Flip the back layer of the bonnet to the side with the brim so that fold #2’s still meet but one layer is now folded in the opposite direction. Looking at the side edge of the bonnet, a “W” is formed (fig. 2).

4. Insert the ends of the 5/8-inch ribbon into one of the #2 folds and pin. Make sure the ribbon is not twisted. Roll the excess ribbon into a coil and place inside the bonnet, away from the sides (see fig. 2).


5. Serge each side (fig. 3).

6. Turn to the right side through the open end.

7. Serge the back, open end of the bonnet closed, cutting only enough to even the edges (clean finish) (fig. 4).


8. Fold the serged back edge 3/8 inch to the wrong side for the back casing and stitch in place using a straight stitch on the sewing machine (fig. 5).

9. Using a tapestry needle or bodkin, run the 1/4-inch ribbon through the casing. Center the ribbon in the casing. Find the center of the ribbon/casing. Using the sewing machine, straight stitch back and forth (perpendicular to the fold) at the center of the casing (see fig. 5). This stitching keeps the ribbon from being pulled out of the casing. This stitching will not show when the back is gathered.

10. Pull ribbon to gather the casing to form the back of the bonnet. Tie ribbons in a bow.


Check out the Knit Baby Daygown & Bonnets DVD for more! Now marked 80 percent off through Friday, June 19 as part of our big DVD Sale, this DVD will guide you in making a knit daygown and companion bonnets. As you construct your daygown, you’ll learn how to put in neck and sleeve bindings and then choose your hem finish – a more tailored cover hem or a frilly lettuce-edge. Kathy will also show you how to embellish the daygown front with a monogram, buttons or bows! In addition to the knit tailored bonnet, you will also learn how to make a knit lettuce-edged bonnet as well. An instructional PDF is included with the DVD.

Happy Sewing,