How to Make Beaded Flowers


“Melody” journal cover designed by Nancy McEvoy

Have you ever seen a journal cover as pretty and elegant as this one? Named “Melody,” the gorgeous cover is featured in Australian Smocking & Embroidery Issue 89 and was designed by Nancy McEvoy, whose designs have frequently been featured in both Australian Smocking & Embroidery and Sew Beautiful magazines. It is made of silk dupioni and features a unique linear smocking design topped with dozens of sparkling beaded flowers. Follow this tutorial from AS&E to learn how to create the beaded flowers, and be sure to check out AS&E issue 89 for the complete guide to making this cover for yourself or someone you love:

What You’ll Need (for beaded flowers only):
– Size 11 glass seed beads in various colors
– No. 12 sharp needle
– Fine beading thread

How to Stitch the Beaded Flowers:
Note: Contrasting thread was used here for photographic purposes.


1. Using one strand of beading thread, bring the needle to the front for the flower center.

2. Pick up a bead for the center. Slide it to the base of the thread. Attach the bead with a straight stitch, stitching through twice.


3. Bring the needle to the front for the center. Pick up five beads for the petals and slide to the base of the thread. Take the needle to the back through the same hole.

4. Ensuring the beads are spaced evenly around the centre, couch each in place with a straight stitch over the previous thread circle.

Check out issue #89 of Australian Smocking & Embroidery for Nancy McEvoy’s complete pattern and instructions for making this lovely “Melody” journal cover! In addition to the cover, this issue of the magazine includes seven adorable garment patterns for little girls and a number of step-by-step technique tutorials.

Happy Sewing,