How to Accent Quilt Binding with Piping


Missy’s Sweet Baby Quilt

Adding piping to the edge of binding is a lovely decorative accent for a quilt and is very easy to do using this tutorial from Missy Billingsley’s Sweet Baby Quilt DVD. This step needs to be applied once you have finished the quilting and trimmed the excess batting and backing fabric away from the borders and before you complete the binding on the quilt. You can use pre-made piping or make your own.

1. Use the piping foot according to the size of your piping and begin attaching it in the middle of the bottom or side of the quilt in a place that won’t be very noticeable. Leave about 2 inches at the starting point unsewn so you can overlap when finished.


2. Sew almost to the corner and stop. At the corner, clip a small notch in the piping fabric diagonally to allow the fabric to pivot (photo 1).

3. Sew to the end and turn the fabric and quilt and begin stitching down the next side (photo 2).

4. Continue to the end, turning each corner as you go (photo 3).

MissyQuilt 2

5. When you are around to the beginning of the piping, overlap the pieces off the edge creating an X (photo 4) and sew straight across the piping (photo 5). Cut off the excess to finish (photo 6).

Be sure to check out Missy’s Sweet Baby Quilt DVD for the complete guide to making this precious quilt! On this quilt design, the appliquéd center block features the word “Baby” machine embroidered beautifully inside an eight-sided, scalloped appliqué design. Embellishment details include fun and easy-to-fashion serger puffing and pintucks, which finish two of the nine blocks when joined with bridging. Four small, nine-patch blocks also provide a lesson in the ease of serger construction. Lace-to-fabric is traditionally worked by sewing machine, but with the rolled hem serger technique, Missy demonstrates how to achieve this classic heirloom finish in a single step; it’s the primary way to attach purchased, embroidered insertion as well as unadorned fabric strips to the last two blocks. An instructional PDF plus two machine embroidery appliqué frame designs in three sizes and all formats for the center quilt block is included with the DVD. One frame design contains “Baby” and the other frame is left blank for you to personalize as desired.

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