Heirloom I Update & Machine Embroidery Tips

Our Heirloom I Online Licensing course kicked off Thursday, and if you’d like to join us there’s still time! Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything – this course is 24/7, so you can download the handouts, watch the videos, work on your projects, email us questions, etc. whenever it fits best in your schedule. I invite you to join us and become a licensed Martha Pullen heirloom sewing teacher. Click here to learn more about it and sign up!


Top Left: Dog design from “Creating Heirlooms for Baby”; Top Right and Bottom: Elephant and Train designs from “Hannah Baby”

Looking for something special to make for a precious baby? Babies can never have too many baby knits, and adding a touch of embroidery to ready-made knits makes for an incredibly easy yet thoughtful gift. We have a number of ready-to-embroider baby items in our online store, as well as precious machine embroidery designs like Anna Griffin’s Hannah Baby collection and Wendy Schoen’s Creating Heirlooms for Baby collection.

When embroidering on baby knits, you always want to use a piece of fusible interfacing on the backside of the machine embroidery to avoid any irritation on baby’s delicate skin. Here are more tips for embroidering on stretchy knits from Sis Hutchison, who many of you know from our MPC events team. Sis first shared these tips in our May/June 2012 “Baby Issue” of Sew Beautiful:

• Use adequate stabilizer to keep fabric from stretching. Place Floriani Wet-NGone Tacky stabilizer in hoop.

• Mark center placement for embroidery on T-shirt, bubble, panties, etc. and hooped sticky stabilizer.

• Carefully position garment on hooped sticky stabilizer. Do not stretch knit. If garment has two layers, make sure both layers are aligned properly.

• Place another piece of sticky stabilizer on top of garment.

• Use a ball-point needle when embroidering on knits.

• After embroidery is complete, gently tear away any larger pieces of stabilizer being careful not to pull on stitches.

• Soak garment to dissolve away remaining stabilizer.


Left: “Lullaby Safari”; Right: Sun from 2012 IEC “Applique”

We also have some really cute machine embroidery appliqué designs in our store, like the Appliqué set from our 2012 Internet Embroidery Club, as well as the Lullaby Safari set designed by Lorraine Bergeron and Angela Atherton. (The Lullaby Safari small 4×4 designs are stitch-filled while the large 5×7 designs are machine appliqué.)

Speaking of machine embroidery, we just released our new May 2015 Internet Embroidery Club designs this week. This beautiful set of four designs includes a floral wreath and swag as well as “his” and “hers” lettering – see them all here!

As always, we pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way and for you.

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,

Kathy McMakin