Free Project: Create an Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirt


Retro embroidered tree skirt

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As we look forward to the holiday season ahead, I know many of you are gathering up your decorations to get ready to display. Perhaps you’re even working on some new pieces to add to your decor this year! This cute retro-inspired Christmas tree skirt designed by our Martha Pullen staff and featured in the November/December 2011 issue of Sew Beautiful is quick and easy to make. This sample was made using four festive holiday prints from Anna Griffin’s Isabelle collection and machine embroidery designs from our Retro Christmas Stitchin’ collection. Of course, you can use whatever fabrics and embroidery designs you’d like to create your own. If you prefer solid fabrics, that would be pretty too! Use these instructions to create any skirt in the fabric colors and embroidery designs that best suit your style.

• 1 yard linen blend (ivory)
• 1/2 yard each of four holiday fabrics
• 4 yards pre-made spaghetti bias (red)
• 1-1/3 yards pre-made bias binding (red)
• Construction thread to match spaghetti bias and rickrack
• Retro Christmas Stitchin’ from the Sew Beautiful Embroidery Collection
• Decorative embroidery thread (as per your selected designs)
• Floriani Wet N Gone Tacky stabilizer
• Blue wash-away marker
• Roxanne’s Glue-Baste-It

Pre-wash all fabrics prior to cutting.

1. Pull threads to make sure linen blend is on grain. Pull fabric to shape if necessary; then cut one 30-inch square of linen blend. Fold square into eighths with a common center (fold in half three times). Press creases well.


Fig. 1

2. Measure 15 inches down long side of folded linen blend and mark with wash-away marker. Draw line to connect mark with opposite corner and cut on line (fig. 1). If desired, unfold linen blend and zigzag stitch around edges to reduce raveling.

3. From each holiday fabric print, cut one triangle 14 inches tall and 11-1/4 inches across the base (sides will be 15 inches each). One-way designs should be oriented toward triangle base. If desired, overcast triangle edges with zigzag stitch to reduce raveling.


Fig. 2

4. Unfold linen blend; mark embroidery centers for selected designs in alternating creased sections (fig. 2).

5. Stabilize marked sections with Wet N Gone stabilizer and embroider designs according to embroidery machine instructions, using thread colors of your choice and stitch sequence stipulated for designs you have selected. When embroidery is complete, cut away excess embroidery and trim jump threads. Markings and remaining stabilizer will be rinsed away later.

6. Glue-baste holiday fabric triangles to creased sections between embroideries (see fig. 2).

7. From spaghetti bias, cut three 30-inch pieces and glue-baste over raw edges of triangles from one edge of linen blend to opposite edge (see fig. 2).

8. Cut one 15-inch piece from spaghetti bias and glue-baste over raw edge of one remaining triangle, leaving one triangle edge untrimmed.

9. Stitch spaghetti bias in place close to edges.

10. Turn project wrong side up and draw a 3-inch diameter circle in center of tree skirt.


Fig. 3

11. Cut skirt along raw edge of remaining untrimmed triangle; cut out center hole on circle line drawn (fig. 3).

12. Glue-baste bias binding along opening and center hole edges and outside edges of tree skirt (see fig. 3). Stitch to secure.

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We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for all of you.

Much Love To You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin


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