Eco-Friendly Sewing Tips

Today is Earth Day – a time set aside to bring recognition to protecting Earth’s resources. From using recycled containers to store your supplies and notions, to upcycling old projects into new creations, there are many ways we can be environmentally conscious in our sewing. On this Earth Day, enjoy these “green” eco-friendly sewing tips originally shared by Amelia Johanson in our March/April 2010 edition of Sew Beautiful:

Green Storage Tips

• Baby food containers and spice jars, both glass and plastic, make great containers for small notions and supplies. Not only do their clear sides make it easy to find what you need, but when grouped together their organizational appeal is easy to appreciate (Photo A).


Photo A

• Bits of sewing trash and broken needles tend to accumulate in our sewing areas. Microwaveable soup bowls (with pre-cut holes in the lids); gum containers with small openings or salt and pepper shakers are excellent for disposing of dull or broken needles in a safe manner. Keep a diaper wipe container near your sewing machine for disposing of loose threads, fabric trimmings and other trash (Photo B).


Photo B

• Save, clean and repurpose the plastic packaging of your consumables. Organize your space by storing like items together for easy access. Take a careful look at your containers and sewing materials to match size, shape and usability (Photo C).


Photo C

Green Project Tips

• Update existing clothes or sweaters by adding embroidery, lace from your stash or decorative buttons.

• Sew up reusable fabric grocery totes for you and all your friends. (Check out this Compact Groceries Tote CraftAble download available in our online store!)

• Shop thrift and antique stores for materials – vintage laces, buttons, tablecloths, curtains, etc. – that when combined with your sewing talents, can find new life.

Happy Sewing,