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I’m so excited to announce our 2016 schedule of face-to-face Martha Pullen Co. events! Our tried and true faculty and I invite you to join us next year for licensing and School of Art Fashion fun. You can check out the full schedule above. Registration is now open for our Vintage, Classic, Contemporary licensing in Atlanta. We’ll have more details and open registration for the other events in the coming weeks.

snowman applique


Christmas is just a little under a week away, and if you’re looking for an easy last minute project I’ve got just the thing. This snowman appliqué designed by Janice Osborne is a great way to turn a simple project into something spectacular. Originally featured in our September/October 2004 issue of Sew Beautiful, the oversized appliqué fits perfectly on the front of a child’s jumper, overalls or top for your little one to wear on Christmas day.

What You Need: • 10- x 12- inch piece of white cotton fleece • 4-x 4- inch square of plaid Polar fleece for hat • 2- x 6- inch piece of plaid Polar fleece for scarf • Black Rayon embroidery thread • Six 1/4-inch black shank buttons for eyes and mouth • Two large and four small novelty snowflake buttons • Novelty carrot button for nose • Tear-away stabilizer • Appliqué bonding agent such as Wonder-Under® • Fine-tip permanent marker

Order of Placement:
(All appliqué and details are applied to garment front before final construction.)
1 -Scarf
2- Snowman
3- Hat

• Satin stitch stick arms.
• Tie and hand tack scarf.
• Hand tack hat to head.
• Sew black buttons and carrot button to face.
• Stitch snowflakes on bib.

Instruction Notes:
• Follow general appliqué instructions (below) given for preparing and stitching snowman to garment front.


Figure 1

• For scarf, cut 2-x 6-inch Polar fleece scarf in half to make two, 1 x 6-inch strips. Slip ends underneath snowman sides before satin stitching around snowman (fig. 1). Once sewn, tie scarf and tack to keep secure. Cut five slits on each end to make scarf fringe.


Figure 2

• Cut slits across one edge of the 4- x 4-inch square of Polar fleece for hat fringe. Double fold opposite edge to right side and hand tack (fig. 2). Fold side edges under about 1/4 inch, scrunch top of hat and wrap with thread to secure. Place hat at top of snowman’s head and tack stitch by hand all around hat to secure (fig. 3).


Figure 3

General Appliqué Instructions:
1. Using a permanent fine-tip marker, trace individual pattern piece on Wonder-Under or other paper-backed bonding agent. Since pattern is placed on wrong side of fabric, and if it has a definite right and wrong side, pattern should be traced in reverse. Any design traced exactly as it is featured on the template will appear in reverse on the project.

2. Cut out around traced images leaving a 1/4- to 1/2-inch border.

3. Consulting instructions for Wonder-Under or other paper-backed bonding agent, fuse traced pieces onto corresponding fabric pieces (see Materials List) large enough to accommodate designs.

4. Cut each piece out along design lines of appliqué.

5. Position pieces on garment as desired, consulting photo. Be careful to under lap and overlap as shown.

6. Peel paper backing from fused appliqué pieces and fuse to garment according to manufacturer’s instructions for bonding agent. Fuse one piece at a time in order provided.

7. To appliqué (satin stitch) around designs, a stabilizer is necessary. Fuse or baste a large sheet of tear-away stabilizer to the back of your work before stitching.

8. Satin stitch each piece, background to foreground. For beginners, it is helpful to consult a sewing manual such as Appliqué: Martha’s Favorites by Martha Pullen for instructions on satin stitching curves, corners and points. NOTE: Many machine models have different widths of satin stitching preprogrammed. Experiment on a scrap project to find a pleasing width.

9. Add details as specified for design.

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We pray for the men and women serving our nation in harm’s way, and for all of you. I hope each and every one of you have a very merry and blessed Christmas!

Much Love to You All & May God Bless,
Kathy McMakin

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