Teaching Beginning Sewing: Online Licensing Course

Become a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher!

$500.00Course Start Date:
March 3rd

Due Date for 7 Projects:
June 30th

Course Instructors:

  • Kathy McMakin (bio)
  • Connie Palmer (bio)
  • Patty Smith (bio)
  • Alicia Welcher (bio)

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Licensing is a unique experience that blends the love of sewing with skill-building and business opportunity. Whether you want to teach or not, this online course just might be for you. With over 20 projects to download and videos to support the project instructions, you can hone your beginning sewing and teaching skills – in the comfort of your own home. The projects range from quilting and home decorating to garment construction and bag making.This 2-week course will prepare you to teach beginning sewing while giving you a tried-and-true curriculum. You will have licensing privileges from the day you receive your license. This means that you can either make the projects for sale without limit or, if you are teaching, you can make as many copies of the project instructions as you need for your students.

Projects in each licensing collection are unique to that particular licensing, so no one else will have your projects other than the students who are licensed in the same curriculum. If you choose to teach, holding a Martha Pullen License will open teaching doors that might not otherwise be available to you.

During the 2-week course you will correspond with the Martha Pullen Licensing faculty, who will be available to answer any question you might have about projects, patterns and teaching methods. You will then have three months to purchase your kit supplies and complete the required projects.

Do you have to teach if you become a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher? No! We have many licensed teachers who never plan on teaching or do not plan on teaching at this time. Everyone is welcome!

If you have any questions about this course feel free to email us here!

Objectives You Will Learn

  • How to improve your teaching skills
  • Teaching methods for all student types
  • Dart tricks and zipper installations
  • Quilting basics


  • Receive over 17 projects for you to teach
  • Learn about special notions that make even the most difficult beginning sewing techniques easier
  • Get instructions for sewing totes, purses, curtains, garments, placemats, napkins, quilts and more

Who should take this course:

  • Sewists who want to improve their beginning sewing skills
  • Sewists who want to teach beginning sewing
  • Sewing teachers who are looking for a prepared, ready-to-teach curriculum
  • Sewists who always wanted to become a licensed teacher but could not afford the time or money


“Martha I am a visual learner. I LOVE the online program since I can go slowly and see the lessons over and over and at my pace. I love having them available for months and at my speed. It is so fabulous to have the lesson plans and the videos anytime I want them, at least for four months. I LOVE ONLINE LICENSING.”

“Martha I loved the videos. I felt like I was right in the classroom with you and Connie. Since I am here in Huntsville I have not had time to look at them all but I will enjoy every one of them when I get home!!! It was fun and I know that I am taking you and Connie and Kathy Mc, and Alicia and Patty Smith home with me for four months to visit with 24 hours a day anytime I want to visit. I never dreamed that the online licensing would be just like coming to Huntsville without the food and kits.”

“Being a Martha Pullen License teacher has been a dream I’ve longed for, for a very long time. Being able to participate in the first online program is certainly an answer to my prayers. I started sewing at a very young age when my grandmother and mother started me on various projects. Through the years with life’s busy challenges, I wasn’t able to keep my knowledge fresh. With this online licensing program it has renewed my love and opportunity to sew and now I’ll be more confident to share and now teach others. This program has made it possible for me to attend around a busy work schedule which doesn’t allow me a lot of time to travel. The video instructions are very clear and full of information that make sewing easier and quicker and OH the joy when you complete a project and know you did it and it wasn’t really that hard, thanks to the great instructors. The availability to network with instructors for questions is just like being in a live class. You too will love this and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you Martha for you and your team for making this possible for us to learn more and now teach sewing.”

“I have been discussing a sewing class with my dealer for some time and have so wanted to help the dealer out. But it’s not easy coming up with all the content needed on your own. The Martha Pullen Licensing provides the basis for me to build a full set of curriculum for students. I truly have enjoyed the learning videos. They are well done and well organized. And the projects have been well chosen for beginners or even sewers who want to learn something new like quilting!

Love this online course! It’s a great alternative for those of us who could not make it to Alabama for onsite training.”

“I wasn’t sure how the online class would work, but I love it. The excitement is on every message blog between teachers, other students, pictures and videos. With the video’s, I can have teachers with me for several months. If i missed something, I can re-watch videos as often as I need or I can contact teachers and get answers. The other students are very helpful and it is great to see all the completed projects. I am using all the wonderful material I bought from Martha’s schools so finally making a dent in my stash. Thank you so much for offering this online, I cannot wait for the next one!”

“I have been a fan of Martha Pullen Company and Sew Beautiful Magazine I think since the very beginning. I have often dreamed about becoming a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher, but heading down to Alabama is not something I can do.
I love that with this course, I can fulfill my dream and become a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher! The curiculum is so well-designed, with many good projects for the beginning sewer. I have sewn since I was 5 years old (over 50 years now) and even I learned some new techniques! The instruction sheets are easy to follow and the illustrations are incredible, much superior to commercial printed patterns.

I can’t wait for the Heirloom sewing series to come online!!”

“I have been wanting to take the Martha Pullen Teaching Beginning Licensed Sewing program for several years, but have been unable to take the classes in Huntsville. I was thrilled to see that it became available online, and the timing was perfectly matched to a 12 week medical leave I started in February.

The handouts are of the same high quality as those I obtained with the Pfaff licensing in 2003. I took several semesters of a Fashion Design Program from Academy of Art University online, and the quality of the Martha Pullen videos matches those of AAU. There is a definite advantage to being able to have 24 hour access. I have a Passive Range of Motion Machine I need to use 4 times a day for an hour each time. This videos and message board are wonderful distractions from the pain I experience as my shoulder is stretched, and the hour just flies by. By the end of this week I hope to be able to physically start to cut and sew the projects. Until then I’ll drool over the gorgeous samples my classmates are finishing and posting online!”

“Several years ago, before I retired, I bought an embroidery sewing machine. And I have used it almost non-stop. But something was still missing. I spent the last 25 years of my working life teaching Statistics to unwilling undergrduate and graduate students. And by the end of each semester they were with me! I truly enjoyed my teaching years and was deeply touched by the success of my students. Ah Ha! That’s what’s missing.

As a retiree, I have lots of time, but not as much money in the learning/travel budget. When this Martha Pullen Teacher Licencing Course came available online, I was ready for the challenge. The projects are fun and interesting. The materials and instructional videos provided are exceptional. Having discussion groups solves problems, solidifies learning, and creates a classroom atmosphere. Thank you for this opportunity to re-discover teaching! I can hardly wait to get my certification and start teaching Beginning Sewing.

I will definitely take more courses as Matha Pullen and her excellent teachers make them available online.”

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Course Syllabus

  1. Download Licensing Agreement, Rules and Regulations (included in confirmation email)
    Read, sign and upload the licensing agreement for our records
  2. Download and print the curriculum
    • Bags and Purses
    • Quilting Basics and Quilting Projects
    • Home Decorating – Pillows, Table Runners, Placemats and Napkins
    • Window Treatments
    • Garment Construction and Projects
  3. Download all patterns associated with the project handouts. Create full-size patterns by taping printed pages together in proper order
  4. Watch all videos
  5. Create, photograph and post finished projects to the Teacher Licensing Blackboard System.

To Receive Your License:
Create, photograph and post the required projects by June 30th to the Teacher Licensing Blackboard System. Projects will be evaluated by the Martha Pullen Licensing Teaching Staff. Once your evaluation is complete, you will then receive your Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Certificate. Remember, being certified does not mean that you are required to teach.