Stabilizer Recommendations

Woven Cotton, Batiste, Denim, Linen, Broadcloth   Stitch N Wash
Silk, Silk Dupioni, Satin, Taffeta   Dream Weave
Towel, Terry Cloth   Base: Wet N Stick or Perfect Stick
Topping: Water Soluble Topping or Heat N Gone
Velvet, Velour, Suede   Perfect Stick, Heat N Gone Topping
Polar Fleece, Meinke   Any "stick to" stabilizer
Knit, Pique   No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible
Sweater Knit   No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible, Heat N Gone, Water Soluble Topping
Cotton Organdy, English Netting, Sheer Fabric that can be ironed   Wet N Gone Fusible
Nylon Organdy/Organza, Netting, Sheer that cannot be ironed   Wet N Gone Tacky
Hard to Hoop   Perfect Stick, Wet N Stick, Wet N Gone Tacky