Sewing with Lace: Tips & Tricks

Lace Facts

  • Insertion – lace with two straight sides
  • Edging – lace with one straight side and one scalloped side
  • Beading – lace with openings for weaving ribbon
  • Entredeux – embroidered trim that resembles a tiny train track with seam allowances

How to Dye Lace

  • 2 cups strong coffee or tea
  • 1/4 cup vinegar

To dye white lace to ivory, mix 2 cups strong coffee or tea and 1/4 cup vinegar. Thoroughly wet lace in water, then soak in coffee mixture about 5 minutes. Rince completely in clear water. Repeat if not dark enough. Dry on a flat surface. Do not press lace before it is dry or it will streak.

– Excerpt from Sew Beautiful #102

Right Side? Wrong Side?

Does lace have a right and wrong side? Actually, many laces do not have a right or wrong side. They look exactly the same. Many say the raised side of the lace is the right side, others say they like the smooth side best – choose the side that is right for you. Place a colored sticky dot (small dots found at the office supply store) on that side to indicate the right side. Before cutting the lace into desired lengths, stick on additional dots – then cut. Now all your lace pieces have dots on the right side.

How To Sew Lace-to-Fabric

Place right sides together. Fabric extends 1/8 inch from lace. Zigzag (L = 1.0; W = 4.5) so that one needle swing stitches over the lace heading, and the other needle swing goes just off the fabric edge. After a few stitches, the fabric raw edge should start rolling in toward and covering the lace heading. If it doesn’t, try increasing needle tension slightly.