Paper Doll Stitching Recommendations


When embroidering the paper dolls and clothing onto fabric rather than as stand-alone embroideries, hoop the fabric with two layers of stabilizer. Make sure the stabilizer is smooth. To hold the layers together firmly, use a temporary embroidery spray between the layer of fabric and stabilizer and also between the stabilizer layers.

When embroidering the paper dolls and clothes as stand-alone, cut a piece of “Stitch N Shape” or “Timtex” large enough to embroider the design on. “Stitch N Shape” or “Timtex” are a thick interfacing used as a stiffener in hat brims, purses and fabric bowls.  Hoop a pressure sensitive, sticky- type stabilizer. Press the “Stitch N Shape” or “Timtex” to the stabilizer. Embroider the paper dolls. Remove from the hoop and apply a thin bead of a fray stop around the edges.  Let dry, then carefully cut out the dolls with sharp scissors such as appliqué scissors. Felt can also be used to embroider the dolls and accessories onto.

The hats and bows have a narrow slit embroidered in them so they will fit on the doll heads.  After embroidering, apply a narrow bead of a fray stop to the slit and let dry. Cut the slit open carefully as you would cut open a buttonhole.

Optional: After cutting out the paper dolls, a fusible interfacing may be applied to the dolls back to cover the stitching.

There are several products on the market to attach the clothing to the dolls. “404 Spray and Fix” by OESD, and Aleene’s® “Tack-It Over and Over” are both products that you apply to the back and they become like stickers. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for use. Another suggestion would be to use double-sided tape for attaching the clothes.