How to Embroider on Baby Knits

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When embroidering on the baby knits:

  1. Hoop a piece of the Floriani Wet-n-Gone Tacky stabilizer, with paper side up, score with a pin and remove the paper backing.
  2. Place knit fabric or knit article centered on hooped stabilizer.
  3. Cut and place another piece of the Floriani Wet-n-Gone Tacky, remove paper backing and place on top of the knit area to be embroidered, (creating a stabilizer sandwhich).
  4. Do embroidery using a ballpoint needle such as 75/11 or 80/12. Rinse out stabilizer and if threads seem to be a bit scratchy iron on a piece of Floriani Dream Weave or a piece of Floriani Fusible Mesh stabilizer.
Dream Weave
Dream Weave