Publication Corrections


Book Title
Heritage Doll Clothes
The Chemise Dress is missing the sleeve pattern piece. Download it here.
Sleepwear Especially for You
Adult Measurements Chart; Hip measurement for 3XL should read 54″
Precious Baby Daygowns
Square Yoke Collection
Figure 31; On the left “L” Skirt Front (with the Madeira Border at the hemline only) The “T” should be marked at the crosshair pointing downward (closest to Madeira border). Likewise, this change should be made on the pattern sheet on the “Left Front Madeira Scallop template (on Pattern Sheet 4).
Pattern Pieces; Should read “8 – Square Yoke Daygown/Bubble Back Yoke”
Grandmother’s Hope Chest
Step 16 should read: Measure the length of the netting skirt and cut two 45-inch wide pieces of Nelona 1-1/2 inches less than this length measurement.

Sew Beautiful Magazine Corrections

Issue #
Month / Year
Correction / Addition
SIP n/a Tallulah-Sweet Bishop Dress The Best of Australian Smocking & Embroidery
The directions should say fold the gown front and back rectangle in half widthwise and fold again widthwise (selvage to selvage) with the selvage edges at right hand side of fabric.Lay the armhole template on the fabric left side on the fold side.
150 Oct/Nov 2013 Lacy Sailor Dress Pattern from the pullout centerfold The second page of the pullout centerfold was omitted. It contains the collar pattern, sleeve pattern, right front pleat template and finishing instructions. Click here to download the missing pattern pieces and instructions. The missing pieces will also be printed in Issue #151.
149 Aug/Sept 2013 Our Picks 

Perfectly Pretty Smocked Peasant Top and Capri

The website address for the Sew-In Size Labels from Buttons ‘n’ Bows was printed with the incorrect suffix. The correct website address is pages 5B and 5C on the pattern centerfold, the sizes are labeled in reverse order on the Perfectly Pretty Smocked Peasant Top. The largest size should be labeled 4T, the next size down is 3T, the next size down is 2T and the smallest size is 12 months.
143 July/Aug 2012 DIY Bishop Correction The diagrams for drafting the front and back pattern pieces were mislabeled for the DIY Bishop article by Claire Meldum on page 53 and 54 of the current July Issue #143). Figure 1 (front) and figure 3 (back) from top raw edge to line 1 should be 3-1/4 inches. Line 1 to line 2 should be 1-5/8 inches on both front and back. If you have already cut yours 2-3/4 inches, just omit one row of 1/2 inch lines (see figure 5 on page 54). You can actually choose to add more rows to add more width, or to delete rows to make the band more narrow if you like, it just needs to increase or decrease by 1/2 inch increments.
143 July/Aug 2012 Double Dip Arm Curve Templates The arm curve templates on the pullout centerfold are mistakenly mislabeled for the Fishing For Compliment sundress by Kathy Dykstra. These templates are actually for the Double Dip Sundress article by Susie Gay on page 58. The smocked fish sundress does not require arm curve templates. We apologize for this inconvenience.
142 May/June 2012 Aislinn Alphabet Blanket Color Chart: 2283 is the correct Robison Anton color number, but it is Paris Blue, not Cristy Blue.
142 May/June 2012 1928 Petal Sleeve Day Gown Our apologies pleaseIn the May 2012 Issue, #142 the credit for the photographs shown In the article “1928 Petal Sleeve Day Gown” by Debbie Glenn should have been credited to Taunton press. The photographs are from the book “Fine Machine Sewing” by Carol Ahles (Taunton Press). This comprehensive book is a treasure of fine sewing techniques as well as a machine reference guide for creating beautiful and intricate decorative stitching with precision. It is one I highly recommend – Kathy BarnardCarol’s best-selling Fine Machine Sewing – Easy Ways to Get the Look of Hand Finishing and Embellishing (Taunton Press, revised and expanded hardcover 2001 or soft cover 2003), is described as “an essential purchase” by the Library Journal.
141 March/April 2012 Belle Heir Shirt In the boy’s shirt pattern article “The Belle Heir Shirt” the shirt front pattern piece on the pullout centerfold inadvertently states (Cut on fold). Please ignore this. The shirt front pattern should NOT be cut on fold. Follow the layout guide for proper cutting direction.The pattern provides dots on the side seam for the option of sewing side vents, but the instructions do not include this information. If you prefer to sew a side vent, sew the 1/2 inch seam and backstitch at dot. Slip seam to stitching 1/4 inch above dot. Trim and finish seam above clip. Press seam allowance below dot 1/4 inch twice to create a vent hem. Stitch along fold edge of fabric, across top of vent, and down other side along fold line to hem finish the side vent. Hem bottom edge as directed.If you are planning to use pre pleated fabric for the center front placket/yoke piece, collar and cuffs, you will need 1/2 yard. Please note that the pleats run cross grain. This means that the front edge of the placket/yoke piece with run parallel to the pleats not the selvage (cross grain, not on grain). The collar will align with pleats running horizontally across the full width from right side to left side (not vertically).If you are looking for the fabric at you will find it in our Swiss cotton section.
136 May/June 2011 Anniversary Quilt The article states that 1/2 yard of 1 inch lace insertion is needed. The correct size is 5/8 inch.
136 May/June
page 32 The Designer Topaz Contest link should be

Sept/Oct 2010

Vintage Inspiration

The article states that 1-1/4 yards of 1″ lace insertion is needed. The correct amount is 2 yards.


Nov/Dec 2008

Angels Watching Over Me

The words in the instructions are correct but the starting row on the graph should be 9 yellow cables, 3 blue cables, 9 yellow cables. The stitch count is correct.


Sept/Oct 2008

Snow Princess and Ice Princess

The Shrug pattern was size XS to XL. This has caused some confusion to those wanting to make this garment. Here are the actual sizes to help you choose the most appropriate size. We also suggest that you measure shoulder width and arm length of the child for even more accuracy.

XS = 2/3
SM = 4/5
MD = 6/7
LG = 8/10
XL = 12/14

July/Aug 2008

The Sweetest Sunsuit

Missing Pattern Piece:

View A Bib Front was mistakenly left off of the pattern pullout. Click here to download PDF of the pattern piece.


Nov/Dec 2007

French Rouleau

Missing Rouleau Template:

Two of the same yoke designs for the Rouleau dress featured on page 62 were printed. Click here to download the other design for the dress shown in the photograph. This will print out on standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch sheet of paper. Trace the design mirror image for a whole yoke.


May/June 2007

Dainty Designs Collection
(Boy’s Sailboat Romper)

The instructions for applying a full lining to the romper is incorrect. Please click here to download a printable PDF correction. We apologize for any inconvenience.

March/April 2007


Genevieve Dress Pattern:
In the Layout Guide on the pullout centerfold the yardage requirement for the Godet fabric size 3 and 4 was inadvertently left out. You will need 1 yard of contrast fabric for sizes 3 and 4.Also, the materials list on page 47 calls for 1/8-inch ribbon and the Yardage Chart on the pullout centerfold calls for 1/4-inch ribbon. 1/4-inch ribbon is correct, but 1/8-inch ribbon will also work.Genevieve Lace Chart:
The amount of lace beading required for a size four is 5/8 yard, not 3/8 yard. The 1/2 yard amount for the smaller sizes is correct. Please note this on your chart for future reference.An important step in the instructions for creating the lace sleeve band is missing. After step 18 on page 50, it should be noted that once the lace beading is joined to the entredeux, the strip should be cut in half to create two sleeve bands of approximately 8-3/4- to 9-1/2 inches each. The two pieces of lace edge mentioned in Step 19 are to be stitched to each of the sleeve bands created in this new step. We apologize for this oversight.

Nov/Dec 2006

Silver and Sparkle

Silk and Sparkle Dress Pattern
Corrections for pattern piece and cutting information:Piece #2 Back Yoke instructs to cut 2 from silk, this should say Cut 2 from VelvetPiece #10 Back Skirt Placket instructs to cut 2, this should say Cut 1Piece #4 Back Facing Extension states to cut 2 on the pattern piece, but the layout guide indicates that only one is cut. The pattern piece is correct, you must cut 2 extension pieces.The Layout Guide shows the collar, and yokes as being cut from interfacing. Only the collar requires interfacing, not the yokes.

Sept/Oct 2006

Hello Humpty

The Humpty Dumpty Sweater shown on the front cover of our Issue #108 and along with the Hello Humpty smocked romper on page 22 is from the Bliss Collection by Bella Bliss (, not Baby Bliss. These sweaters are currently available at their website. We apologize for the confusion.

May/June 2006

Window Smocked
Butterflies by
Nancy McEvoy

The “JoAnn” sundress pattern can be found in issue #93 not issue #94.

John and Suzanne Bubble Pattern

The boy’s sleeve pattern on the #106 centerfold was designed according to the original pattern from our Spring 1989 issue, which shows a 3/4-inch turned up cuff. The modern design in Issue #106 offers a trimmed edged band that is sewn like an appliqué and is not a turned up, folded cuff. The shape of the sleeve pattern on the pullout centerfold is for a folded turned up cuff and does not look like the illustrations on page 45, so there has been some confusion. To make a sleeve with a trimmed edge, faux cuff, as shown in Issue #106, cut the sleeve pattern along the dotted line designated as the “foldline.” Remove another 1/4-inch from this edge to allow a 1/2-inch seam allowance for the cuff rectangle that will be added in Step 17, Figure 2. Prepare the cuff and finish the sleeves according to the article’s instructions.

March/April 2006

Annika by
Maja Clayton

Click here to download the Annika Embroidery Template.

Leaping Sheep Wool Baby Blanket

The DMC floss color for the light blue bow on the sheep’s neck was left off of the materials list and the instructions. Please use two to three strands of #3325-light blue DMC six strand cotton embroidery floss to stitch the bow on the felt sheep before appliquéing the sheep to the blanket. Stitch an outline of the bow shape with a back stitch, then satin stitch according to the detail photos provided.

Nov/Dec 2005

Sew What’s Happening: Ornaments for Quilt-Lovers should be

Sept/Oct 2005

Vintage Chic Petticoat Skirt

On Step 10, the last sentence should
read. Cut this strip in half to measure 2 x 112 inches.There are five 2-inch strips joined end-to-end to create one long 225-inch strip. This is tucked down the center and then the strip is cut in half making two, 112-1/2 inch strips (trim off the 1/2 inch extra so that is will match strip “c” above it.

March/April 2005

Embroidered Edging Ruffles

The yardage for Victorian embroidered edging should be 8-3/4 yds NOT 6-3/4 yds.
Also, the cutting guide was mistakenly left off the centerfold. Click here to view this guide.

Creative Combinations

The website for the free download machine applique design is, not somanydesigns.

Baby’s Hankie Blankie

The Hankie Blankie Kit offer (with embroidery card) comes with Martha Pullen’s Heirloom Classics 1 card, NOT the Janome Card. If you want to make the blanket as shown, you should order the kit (without CD) and buy the Janome card separately.

Jan/Feb 2005

Creative Embellishment: Precious in Pink Layette

The scalloped yoke overlay template converted to a slightly large size when computerized, to remedy the problem place template from the center fold on a copy machine and copy at 88 percent for a correct fit to Debbie Glenn’s “Rose Petals and Lace Daygown” Pattern.

Cascading Ruffles Christening Gown

Cut the neck casing 1-1/4 inches wide and attach it just as directed. That should leave you with a finished casing width of 1/4 inch, maybe just a thread or two more. If there seems to be too much bulk in the shoulder area, trim the seam allowance before turning the pressed edge into place. (The exact finished width of this casing is not critical – if 1/4 inch seems too narrow, cut the casing 1-1/2 inches to give a little more room. Don’t go much wider than that, because you don’t want the ribbon to float around too much inside the casing.)

Katie’s Easter Eggs

The smocking graph was accidentally left off the centerfold. Click here for a printable PDF.

Sept/Oct 2004

Elegant Appliqué in Sumptuous Silk

The sleeve and lower back templates for the appliqué design are mislabelled on the pull out centerfold pattern sheet. The template labeled “Sleeve Design” is actually the lower back jacket template, and the template labeled “Back Design” is actually the lower sleeve template. Please make of note on your pattern pull out for future reference.

July/Aug 2004

Shopping Guide

Forgot to include in Shopping Guide:
Billie’s Heirloom Shop
303 6th Ave Robinwood
Birmingham, AL 35217

May/June 2004

American Pride

The corrected graph is available on the July / August centerfold of issue #95

Nov/Dec 2003

Back Cover

Dress pattern size is stated incorrectly for Mystery Dress. Size should be 6-14. Pattern pull-out is correct.

Daisy May p39

The photograph of the smocking detail on page 41 is pictured upside-down. This is difficult to see, since it is a white on white design, but if following this photo while stitching, you will need to turn the magazine around.

Sept/Oct 2003

An Updated Classic p38

The instructions say to use a 1/4-inch seam allowance along the neckline when attaching the collar. This should be a 1/2-inch seam allowance, as the pattern allows for a 1/2 inch seam.

July/Aug 2003

Page 5 & Page 88

Wonderfully Made Patterns (Jill Shoop)
100 Cartgate Circle
Blythewood, SC 29016
Toll Free Number: 877-503-4815
Web Store:

May/June 2003

Wonderfully Made

For Orders:
100 Cartgate Circle
Blythewood, SC 29016
Toll Free Number: 877-503-4815
Web Store:

March/April 2003

Ellis and Ellie

45″ (115cm) fabric w/wo nap
NB-6mo = 3/4 yd (0.7m)
9/12mo-24mo = 7/8 yd (0.8m)
60″ (150cm) fabric w/wo nap
NB-24mo = 5/8 yd (0.6m)• PANT & TABBARD
45″ (115cm) fabric w/wo nap
NB-24mo = 7/8 yd (0.8m)
60″ (150cm) fabric w/wo nap
NB-24mo = 5/8 yd (0.6m)• PANT LINING
45″ (115cm) lining w/wo nap
60″ (150cm) fabric w/wo nap
NB-24mo = 1/2 yd (0.5m)


Sept/Oct 2002


Antique VersionBodice, page 62, Step 1
Instructions say to mark edge of fabric every 3/4 inch; that should be every 1 inch.Skirt, page 64
In the skirt section we have instructed you to join the three skirt panels with lace before folding the skirt tucks. This should be reversed; the Tucks must be folded and stitched, then the panel cut into three sections and the lace applied. You can also apply the lace directly on top of the two marks that divide the skirt into three panels. Once stitched the fabric from behind the lace is cut away. Either method will achieve successful results.Under the skirt heading for the antique view construction, work steps 7, 8, and 9 first, then begin back at step 1.

July/Aug 2002

A Bubble for Belles and Beaus

The bottom two pattern lines of “Martha’s Baby Bubble Pant Back” (pattern #10) was cut off in printing. To remedy the problem on piece #10, measure down from the top edge of the pattern along the side seam edge 14-3/4 inch for the size 18m, and 15-3/8 inch for the size 24m. Mark and draw a new line straight across the bottom at this mark and extend the crotch line down to meet the new line. Basically, you want the side seam of the front to equal the side seam of the back.


May/June 2002

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms Today

Judith Bunting actually lives in Lexington, MA, mistakenly listed as Woburn, which is where she works. K-Lace® should be written with the registration symbol; heavyweight water-soluble stabilizer was omitted from the supply list.

Making Memories

The centerfold information for “Making Memories” is incorrectly labeled as “Pretty as a Picture.” The author and article page number are listed correctly, and the centerfold information provided is for “Making Memories.”

March/April 2002

Threads of Love

The Threads of Love web address is:

Jan/Feb 2002


Pascale Pattern: Smocked insert Chart is incorrect. The width of your insert is equal to the width of piece #2. The numer of rows to pleat and smock will be determined by the space beween the seam allowances.

Baby Bloomers

Bloomer elastic chartFor legs:


For waist:


These are cut measurements, finished size will be smaller. If the baby is very chubby, you might want to go to the next largest size for the elastic length.

Also, there was really no need for a lace chart, don’t know why it was referenced. The lace is sewn on flat (butt the heading to the finished leg edge and zigzag). Overlap the ends by about 1/2″ and hand whip to finish cut edges.


Nov/Dec 2001

Hope Danielle

Hope Daniel Christening Gown Pattern: The dot on the christening gown dress, back pattern piece is incorrect. The slit for the placket should be cut 7 inches long from edge of neck down center back of dress.

Abigail’s Rose Dress

The tack-on roses have turned out too wide and not long enough for some tastes. If you are experincing difficulty when making these roses, try cutting the pattern narrower and longer and play with the results on a test scrap of fabric.

July/Aug 2001

Pumpkin Patch

COLOR KEY:Pumpkins: #721 main color, #900 dark accent lines, #524 all green vines and leavesTop border: #3772Acorns (all alike): #3772 cap, #738 “nut”, #433 button at bottomLeaves – begin with left leaf and stitch in these solid colors: #729, #817, #741, #817, #729, #741, #817, #741After solid colors are stitched, add accent stitches with complementary colors; blend two colors in the the needle, one strand each, and take random stitches over the solid colors. This is the only place #722 is used.Leaf veins – all #433If you prefer, omit some of the colors and choose only three or four you want to use for the leaves.

May/June 2001

Elastic chart for baby bubble pattern


These are cut measurements, finished size will be smaller. If the baby is very chubby, you might want to go to the next largest size for the elastic length.


March/April 2001

Quinn’s Cottontails

The materials list and pattern adaptations were accidentally left out. They are now available here.

May/June 2000

Innovative Button-Ons for Boys

The shirt pattern was drafted without the 2-inch front tuck and back facings. A corrected pattern piece, which includes the 2-inch tuck, was printed in issue #71 on the pull-out centerfold.

Jan/Feb 2000


The smocking plate for the free pattern on the back was graphed as waves, the actual dress shown is smocked with a surface honeycomb stitch. While waves will produce a suitable and similar look, there will be fewer diamonds than shown in the original. The correct graph is available here.

Nov/Dec 1999


The yardage amount for the skirt lining/slip was inadvertently left out of the materials list. The same amount used for the outer skirt will be used for the slip if you opt to connect the skirt slip to the dress at the waist seam.

July/Aug 1999

Primrose Tie-off Chart


Measure from pleat to pleat, between the markings that you transferred from the armhole template on the front; each back top edge is measured from center back line to side seam line.