Zipper Tape Flower Pin: How to Make a Pinwheel Flower with Zipper Tape

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This is a free article supplement in conjunction with the article “All Zipped Up” — featuring Kari Mecca’s zipper box pleat sewing technique featured in the Sew Beautiful Fall Issue #144.

Purchase Materials: Zipper tape by the yard and Kari Mecca’s Whimsy Pinwheel Tools are available from Martha Pullen Company.

Poinsettia Pin Zipper Flowers

By Kari Mecca

This season, view poinsettias anew when they’re made using
Kari Mecca’s new Whimsy PinWheel Tool and zipper trim. We
whipped them up in festive colors to adorn scarves, coats,
bags and hats; we added them to gifts and stockings for a
keepsake garnish. You can make them so quickly and easily
you won’t know when to stop. And if, per chance, you don’t
have a natural knack for embellishing, check out Kari’s popular
books, Sewing with Whimsy and More Sewing with Whimsy
at; they’re filled with ideas for trimming
with fabric flowers.

Zipper Tape Flower Pin

PROJECT: Poinsettia Zipper Flower


  • Supply List
  • Zipper Flower Instructions


Supplies are available from

  • 1-1/4 yards white zipper trim with brass teeth
  • 1/3 yard green zipper trim
  • One to three 8mm red beads
  • One to three 2mm gold beads
  • White beading thread
  • #5 milliner’s needle
  • Whimsy PinWheel Tool (
  • Five T-pins
  • 1-1/2-inch jewel pin back
  • Small scrap of ribbon (optional leaves & bows)
  • Fabric glue or hot glue gun
  • Piece of foam board or cardboard for a pinning surface



For other flowers shown, you may
use a five- or six-sided tool depending
on how many petals you desire.

How to Make a Pinwheel Flower with Zipper Tape Step 1
Step 1 — Thread needle with beading
thread. Bring a threaded, knotted
needle up through center hole of
tool. Place tool on foam board and
push eye of needle into board so
that it stands up. Insert T-pins at
2-inch marks.
Pinwheel Flower Step 2
Step 2 — Place zipper tape 1/2 inch
from end on needle.
Pinwheel Flower Step 3
Step 3 — Loop tape around T-pin
with teeth on inside of loop and
place on needle.
Kits and instructions for flowers shown are
available from
Pinwheel Flower Step 4
Step 4 — Work another loop around
opposite T-pin.
Pinwheel Flower Step 5
Step 5 — Continue until all T-pins
are wrapped.
Pinwheel Flower Step 6
Step 6 — To add second layer of
loops, shift T-pins inside each loop
two holes closer to center.
Pinwheel Flower Step 7
Step 7 — Begin wrapping T-pin in
same manner.
Pinwheel Flower Step 8
Step 8 — Continue until second
layer of loops is complete.
Pinwheel Flower Step 9
Step 9 — Remove flower from tool
and pull center needle up through
all layers of zipper tape and secure
with a few stitches. End with needle
up to add beads.
Pinwheel Flower Step 10
Step 10 — Slide red bead and then
gold bead onto needle and insert
needle back down through red bead
and to bottom of flower.
Pinwheel Flower Step 11
Step 11 — Tie off thread on bottom.
Gold bead anchors red bead. Stitch
two more sets of beads if you would
like three berries at center.
Pinwheel Flower Step 12
Step 12 — Cut a 6-inch piece of
zipper tape and work into a loop
for a leaf.
Pinwheel Flower Step 13
Step 13 — Make two leaves and
tack together.
Step 14 — Tack or glue leaves to
bottom of flower. Glue jewel pin
in center.
Not pictured.

About the Designer

Kari Mecca is the designer of Kari Me Away children’s clothing designs. Visit her website at to view her complete line of patterns, sewing supplies and teaching
schedule. She is a regular contributor to Sew Beautiful magazine and a popular instructor at
the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion.


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