Sew Beautiful Patterns 2009

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Winter Christening Robe
Issue 127

Misses Petal-sleeve Top
Issue 126

Victorian Corset Cover
Issue 126

Petal Sleeve Dress or Top
Issue 125

Afternoon Eyelet Jacket
Issue 125

Bolero Yoke Dress
Issue 124

Multi-Paneled Skirt
Issue 124

Back-Wrap Sundress
Issue 123

4 thoughts on “Sew Beautiful Patterns 2009

  1. Kathleen Julicher

    I was a subscriber for a long time and have been a internet embroider club member since 2002. I have a granddaughter who could use something I would like to make. I have the downloaded written work (from 2007) (Well, that is when I printed it out) , but wonder where the embroidery is to be found. It is “Dainty Detachable Yoke” and is a little bunny with a basket of eggs and some leaves around it. Can you help me?
    Kathleen Julicher

  2. Natalie Nettles

    Hi Kathleen,

    I found a little bunnies machine embroidery design from 2007 – (the last one on the first row). Is this by chance what you’re looking for? If not, and if you can send me some more information about the source of the project – like what issue the project was featured in – I’ll be glad to keep looking! Thanks!



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