Pfaff Quilting School with Donna Robertson

Donna Robertson – Machine Techniques (Pfaff Machine Provided)

Owner and founder of Fabric Café, Donna Robertson travels and teaches quilting, sweatshirt conversions and also how to use Chenille by the Inch, a product developed by her, along with her daughter Fran Morgan. Fabric Café began in 2001 and since developing the product for making stacked fabric chenille easy for anyone, Donna has published numerous books about its many uses. She also has a full line of beautiful quilt patterns and teaches quilting, sewing and how to convert basic sweatshirts into designer garments all over the country. Join Donna and get ready to learn the basics of quilting with a touch of Chenille by the Inch thrown in for fun! Pfaff will supply wonderful machines for the classroom.

Flower Patch Baby Quilt
Donna Robertson – 2 Days (Pfaff Machine Provided)

Learn the basics of precision quilting and textured appliqué with Chenille by the Inch while using a Pfaff machine provided for you in class. This fun, faux chenille product will be cut into shapes to create dimensional appliqué flowers that will be applied to the quilt top. Learn rotary cutting safety and accuracy techniques as well as pressing techniques to ensure precision piecing. Let Donna show you the importance of using specialty feet when piecing and quilting. After the quilt top is assembled, it will be embellished with dimensional appliqué flowers. The quilt will be finished with Donnas’ quick “no binding-and no hand sewing” techniques. See how easy and fast machine quilting can be when using Chenille by the Inch. Students will choose from several kit color options available in class.

Quilting Magic
Donna Robertson – 2 Days (Pfaff Machine Provided)

Discover the fun of quilting by making two different quilt tops from the same basic pattern in fabric of your choice. See how the quilt design is easily changed by simple rotation of the pattern blocks. Learn the importance of color placement to make aspects of the quilt appear to recede. Each student will select two quilt kits from dozens of color-coordinated fabric combinations. Kits provided in class will include baby fabrics, Christmas fabrics, themes for the home, and gift quilts. Each fabric bundle is expertly paired by Donna to make a stunning quilt top ready for you to complete at home. Experience the tips, tricks and techniques of precision cutting, pressing and piecing. Watch your creative instincts blossom as you experiment with color placement and block arrangement on two different quilts. Whether you are a first time quilter or an experienced pro, this will be one of the most enjoyable classes you have ever experienced.