Martha’s Sewing Room Series 900

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 900-A
Show 901 – Smocking – Part I
Host Martha Pullen shows three beginning stitches used in English smocking: outline stitch, stem stitch and cable stitch. Appliqué techniques are demonstrated on the Animal Alphabet quilt. The silk ribbon iris is also shown on a creative “Sweet Dreams” sleeping mask, and vintage clothing is also featured.

Show 902 – Smocking – Part II
Martha Pullen shows additional smocking stitches of waves and wave variation. Other projects include the Animal Alphabet quilt, the New Zealand blouse embellished with smocking, smocked holiday eggs, and vintage clothing.

Show 903 – Smocking – Part III
Martha completes the instruction on smocking by showing the trellis stitch and other combination stitches. Other projects shown include an easy smocked pillow, an antique technique of corded or striped netting, a lavender lattice smocked doll dress with bullion accents, and vintage clothing.

Show 904 – Using a Smocking Pleater
Pleating fabric for smocking is demonstrated using a smocking pleater. Additional projects include a “Do Not Disturb” sign embellished with forget-me-not silk ribbon stitches, a hidden needle case, an antique technique – blanket stitch edging, and vintage clothing.

Show 905 – Dimensional Embroidery
Puffing foam shadow appliqué is fast and easy to do, and it creates a wonderful three dimensional effect. The puffy foam technique is imaginatively used on a pillow. Martha Pullen demonstrates special ribbon embellishment on a doll dress; vintage clothing is also featured. Guest: Joyce Drexler.

Video 900-B
Show 906 – Trapunto
Creating the padded effect of trapunto was once a quite complex and time consuming task, but not today. The trapunto technique, tips and tricks are easily completed in half the time using the simple steps demonstrated. Other projects include a lovely trapunto bow pillow and an elegant traveler’s coat hanger with silk ribbon daisy stitches. Vintage clothing is also included.

Show 907 – Perfect Pleating
The challenge of forming identical pleats is greatly simplified when you use the perfect pleater. This easy to use gadget creates pleated ruffles for doll dressing, home decorating, and more. The New Zealand blouse is featured with scalloped bias accents, and more appliqué techniques are shown on the Animal Alphabet Quilt. Vintage clothing is featured. Guest: Clotilde.

Show 908 – Pintucks and Embroidery
Pintucks and embroidery is the perfect combination for embellishing garments and home decorating projects. You will also see how to embellish and construct an easy neck roll pillow. Martha demonstrates shirring on a beautiful blue doll dress. Guest: Darlene Geisendorff.

Show 909 – Celtic Lace Shaping
Celtic designs have long been used in the quilting industry. Martha Pullen shows how to lace shape using these intricate designs as templates. The New Zealand blouse is also shown with an interlocking lace diamonds design, and silk ribbon hydrangea flowers are stitched on a passport cover. Antique clothing is also featured.

Video 900-C
Show 910 – Cutwork
The elegant art of cutwork is simple when certain steps are followed. Cutwork is also shown on an elegant table runner. Martha Pullen shows more cutwork on another New Zealand blouse. Vintage clothing is also featured. Guest: Marlis Bennett

Show 911 – Lace Making
Host Martha Pullen shows how to make your own lace using today’s sewing machines. The project shown using this technique is a precious baby bonnet. A Victorian mannequin pincushion, an antique technique of pinstitched tucks, and a look at vintage clothing are also included.

Show 912 – Embroidered Trapunto
Today’s sewing machines do “sew” much. Embroidery accented by trapunto is easy and elegant. This special technique is demonstrated on a baby quilt or wall hanging. Martha Pullen adds delicate lace diamonds to her favorite doll dress and shows antique clothing. Guest: Lana Bennett

Show 913 – Quilt Construction and More
See how to finish the embellishment and construct the Animal Alphabet quilt. Other projects include a teddy bear pincushion, an antique technique of crisscross tucks, and a hidden pocket belt trimmed with silk ribbon daisies . A look at antique clothing is also included.