Martha’s Sewing Room Series 800

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 800-A
Show 801 – Special Touches For Baby

Host Martha Pullen shows that it’s easy to sew for babies. Special touches like hand faggoting and scalloped plackets are used to embellish baby gowns. Also shown are a lamb pillow; a baby memorabilia box; a delicate dotted Swiss doll dress; a lace animal quilt; and vintage clothing.

Show 802 – Simple Serging and Sewing

Martha Pullen shows the easy technique of using a serger to create a beautiful heirloom quilt. Other projects include a satin and lace pillow; a pin cushion; rhapsody in blue doll dress; and antique pleated trim technique.

Show 803 – Piecing and Patchwork

Martha Pullen shows how to embellish with paper piecing and patchwork. Also shown are projects including butterflies and rainbows girl’s dress; a watermelon potholder and a Seminole lacework quilt square; and vintage clothing.

Show 804 – Heirloom Sewing on a Budget

Martha shows how to cut costs on gorgeous heirloom garments. Other projects include a lovely lavender and lace girl’s dress; the lavender silk ribbon stitch; cash by the yard; and entredeux fabric to lace antique technique.

Video 800-B
Show 805 – Three Dimensional Embroidery

Three dimensional embroidery is an elegant technique that’s quick and easy. Also shown are a Victorian placemat, an afternoon tea doll dress, a flower pillow and a Madeira applique motif quilt square. Guest: Lana Bennett.

Show 806 – Ravels and Rags

Martha creates ravels and rags to embellish clothing and home decorating items. Projects include a three rags and ravels pillows; raggedy ruffles girl’s dress; coordinating hangers; pintucked ruffles.

Show 807 – Heirloom Serging

Making a baby bonnet with heirloom serging is fast, quick and easy. See how to make a baby mobile; an elegant edging doll dress; an ice blue diamonds girl’s dress; and a tied bow quilt square. Guest: Ann Riegel.

Show 808 – Wedding Elegance

Martha Pullen shows some elegant ideas for wedding dresses and accessories. Also included are a lace panel girl’s dress; the hollyhock (a silk ribbon stitch); a silken ribbon pillow; and ruffled puffing, an antique technique.

Show 809 – Double Needle Fancywork

Embellishing with a double needle is easy when Martha Pullen shows you how. See how to make a double needle delight girl’s dress; learn about two silk ribbon stitches–arum lilies and leaves; and watch Martha make a polar fleece throw and a shark’s teeth quilt square.

Video 800-C
Show 810 – Shadow Applique

Martha Pullen demonstrates shadow applique, a very popular technique. See a beautiful shadow applique pillow; a royal ribbons doll dress; a quilt square of circular puffing; and an antique technique, lace to a finished edge. Guest: Marlis Bennett

Show 811 – Yo Yos
Yo Yos have been popular for over a century. Martha Pullen shows several methods of making yo yos. Projects shown with yo yo embellishment or made from yo yo’s are a yo yo garden doll dress; a pillow; a yo yo doll; and a yo yo Christmas ornament. Also shown: a lace waterfall quilt square and vintage clothing.

Show 812 – Talking Linens
This program introduces linens that say “good morning,” “tea time,” “his,” and “hers.” Martha shows different ways to create lettering for home decorating projects and garments. Other projects include a girl’s dress for all reasons; an elegantly edged pillow; the lace net darning technique; and two silk ribbon stitches: carnations and leaves.

Show 813 – Quilt Construction and Hand Embroidery
Six quilt squares are joined to create the top of the heirloom quilt and the remaining construction is shown. Other techniques and projects include crazy patch and crazy patch embellishment; a peek-a-boo pleats doll dress and a nosegay pillow; and vintage clothing.