Martha’s Sewing Room Series 600

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 600-A
601 – Double Lace Scallops
Host Martha Pullen shows how to make double lace scallops and pintucks on a girl’s pinafore. Also shown are a ruffled rose pillow, silk ribbon fuchsias, an heirloom angel quilt square and a lace scalloped doll dress; vintage clothing.

602 – Ribbon Thread Technique
The easy technique of using specialty threads in your bobbin is demonstrated on a ribbon thread pillow. Host Martha Pullen also shows a decoupage suitcase, heirloom angel quilt square, pintucks and scalloped lace doll dress, and vintage clothing.

603 – Ribbon Manipulation
Ribbon manipulation techniques are shown on ribbon embellished lamp shades, ribbons and bows doll dress, and a ribbon message board. A silk ribbon iris is shown on an armchair hussif; vintage clothing.

604 – Nursery Ensemble
Martha Pullen shows how easy it is to make an elegant nursery ensemble to fit a purchased bassinet. Also shown are a beautiful linen set, lacy bear, baby powder cover and heart door pillow for the baby’s room, a French knot lamb pinafore to dress your doll; vintage clothing.

605 – Girls’ Jumpers
Martha Pullen shows how easy it is to make a little girl’s lined jumper. Also: a lace fan pillow, heirloom angel quilt square, silk ribbon side stitch, a shadow sandwich pinafore doll dress, and vintage clothing.

Video 600-B
606 – Antique Peek-A-Boo
This elegant technique is one that Martha Pullen has updated to reproduce the antique look on a girl’s pinafore and a doll pinafore. Also shown are a shoe bag, Victorian picture frame, and vintage clothing.

607 – Sewing Machine Tatting
Sewing machine tatting is a great technique used on a cutwork/tatting pillow. Martha Pullen also shows a scalloped lace doll pinafore, embroidered panels pinafore for little girls, and an heirloom angel quilt square. A no-fail French knot is also shown; vintage clothing. Guest: Sue Hausmann.

608 – Teddy Bear Dressing
Martha Pullen shows some cute ideas for dressing up your teddy bears in crazy patch vests, an elegant satin dress, and a fancy dress with puffing. You’ll also see an embellished looking glass, heirloom angel quilt square, dress form mannequins, a pintucked dress and pinafore set for your doll; and vintage clothing.
609 – Corded Shadow Applique
Making beautiful corded shadow appliqué is easy when Martha Pullen shows you how. Also shown are a metallic gimp pillow, silk ribbon weaving stitch, a girl’s tone-on-tone corded appliqué pinafore as well as a corded appliqué pinafore doll dress; vintage clothing.

Video 600-C
610 – Decorative Serging

Serging with decorative threads is fun and fast. See a beautiful metallic trim neckroll pillow and a doll dress with serger ruffles. Also included on the show are a decorative lunch tray, an heirloom angel quilt square, and vintage clothing. Guest: Ann Riegel.

611 – Picture Transfer
This fun new technique is shown in detail by host Martha Pullen. Projects include an oval lace picture transfer pinafore for a doll and a ribbon diamonds picture transfer pinafore for a little girl. Also shown are silk ribbon long and short stitch, a dainty photo pillow, a Victorian watch broach, sweet gloves; vintage pillow.

612 – Happy Holidays
Martha Pullen shows you how easy it is to make beautiful angel decorations, a Santa’s sack, angel stocking, and boot and shoe ornaments for your tree. Also included on the show are a couched ribbon pinafore doll dress and a holiday pinafore for a little girl’s dress and vintage clothing.

613 – Hand Embroidery and Quilt Construction
Details on how to construct the heirloom angel quilt from the squares which have been described in earlier shows. Also, a segment on favorite heirloom embroidery stitches for babies. Other projects are an antique pinafore doll dress and a triangular pillow; vintage clothing.