Martha’s Sewing Room Series 500

Martha's Sewing Room


501 – Embellishing Sleeves
Host Martha Pullen shows methods to make various embellished sleeves and a ruffled sleeve dress for a little girl. Also included are instructions for a monogrammed tapestry throw, mock pinafore round yoke doll dress, shadow appliqué for a flower basket quilt, a demonstration of a rosebud silk ribbon stitch; vintage clothing.

502 – Shaped Bias
Martha Pullen explains the easy technique of shaped bias designs and makes a shaped bias collar-bib dress for a little girl, a shaped bias doll dress and a shaped bias Celtic pillow. Also shown is a shadowbox memory picture and vintage clothing.

503 – Transparent Applique
Martha Pullen shows how easy it is to make transparent appliqué and a transparent appliqué hemstitched pillow is constructed. She also demonstrates quilting techniques for a flower basket quilt, a silk ribbon lazy daisy and shaggy daisy, a blue diamond bishop doll dress, and a crisscross collar-bib dress; vintage clothing. Guest: Gayle Hillert.

504 – Wedding
Martha Pullen explains ribbon work wedding gown details and shows how to make a flower wreath veil, silk flower barrette, silk ribbon embellished doll dress, a ribbon and lace bodice dress for a little girl, and a buffet flatware server. Also, vintage clothing.

505 – Shadow Embroidery By Hand and Machine
Shadow embroidery by hand is demonstrated and techniques are shown for a shadow embroidery pillow by machine, shadow appliqué windmill doll dress, shadow appliqué butterfly collar dress for a little girl, and flower basket quilt construction. Host Martha Pullen also shows vintage clothing.

506 – Silk Ribbon By Machine
Host Martha Pullen shows that silk ribbon embroidery can be done on your sewing machine and uses the techniques to make a silk ribbon book cover and embellished porcelain boxes. A smocked apron doll dress is also shown along with a lace overlay dress and a hand embroidered silk ribbon parrot tulip. Also, vintage clothing.

507 – Making Heirloom Lace
Host Martha Pullen explains how easy it is to make heirloom lace on the sewing machine. Construction techniques are shown for an heirloom embroidered lace fan quilt, antique girl picture, a simply elegant smocked bishop doll dress, and heirloom lace and silk ribbon quilt squares. A silk ribbon pleated rose is demonstrated. Also, vintage clothing. Guest: Lana Bennett.

508 – Smocked Bishops
See how easy it is to construct a bishop dress as Martha Pullen explains the technique. Also, a smocked collar dress for a little girl, embellished books, pillowcase envelope pillow, a calico smocked bishop doll dress, and vintage clothing.

509 – Quick Gifts
Host Martha Pullen makes a machine embroidered silk ribbon guest towel, a book cover, a lace top box, an embellished padded satin hanger, a handkerchief envelope, gift basket, and a Victorian hanger treasure keeper. Also, how to make cording and a beautiful angel sleeve doll dress; vintage clothing.

510 – Decorative Machine Techniques
Silk ribbon by machine. Projects include a table runner and napkins, burgundy doll dress with netting lace, and a hemstitched collar dress for a little girl. Martha Pullen also shows a doily and flower swag; vintage clothing. Guest: Philip Pepper.

511 – Valentines
Learn how easy it is to make lace-shaped hearts with host Martha Pullen. Lace-shaped heart collar-bib dress, pink hearts doll dress, layered silk ribbon stitches on a lovebird wedding pillow, a romantic dream pillow, heirloom lace and silk ribbon quilt squares; vintage clothing.

512 – Button-On-Pants
Techniques for boy’s button-on pants are demonstrated. Host Martha Pullen also shows a heart button wreath and a ribbon, netting and lace wreath; a button-on-pants pillow and a smocked yoke and scalloped hem doll dress; vintage clothing.

513 – Hand Embroidery and Quilt Construction
Hand embroidered monograms and quilt construction techniques are demonstrated. A blue smocked bishop doll dress, golden lace pillow and tu-tu tassel are also shown; vintage clothing.

A Christmas to Remember
Celebrate Christmas with gorgeous Victorian tree angels, precious 8″ heirloom doll dresses for dolls or tree ornaments, an angel Christmas tree skirt, fabulous and QUICK tree ornaments, embellished recipe box, and an angel tapestry table runner. Martha goes to her attic to show vintage clothing as well as read a volunteer letter in the Sewing From The Heart segment.

Public TV Pledge Drive Special
(Note: This pledge special consists of two 20 minute segments with a special premium offer. Please do not broadcast this pledge special before March, 1997.) Heirloom sewing from A to Z takes the viewer from beginning through advanced lace shaping (bows, diamonds, hearts) in the first segment. The second section unravels the mystery of Madeira appliqué on the machine. The garments demonstrated are collars and hems for a beautiful “to the waist” girl’s dress. The show guide, available only from your local PBS station, has directions and illustrations for these techniques as well as two fabulous patterns, Heirloom Party Dress (sizes 3 months-10 years) and To The Waist Girl’s Dress (sizes 4-12) with many collar and hem variations.