Martha’s Sewing Room Series 2800

Martha's Sewing Room


2801 – Serger Trim Embellishments
Creating serger turn cords and braided camisole straps; Sew Quick, Sew Easy slipper construction using a narrow belt loop binder; hand embroidered dogwood, stems and leaves on a nightgown; embroidered doily home dec project. Guests: Margaret Tully, Beverley Sheldrick

2802 – Wing Needle Stitching
Wing needle techniques on a lady’s nightshirt; Sew Quick, Sew Easy embroidered Pashmina shawl converted into a poncho; machine embroidered lavender sachet; pinless lace shaping with a rickrack and lace insert and extra stable lace finishing on the Lacy Lavender Quilt. Guests: Sue Hausmann, Denise Applegate-Schober

2803 – Warm & Safe Window
Window treatment using fire retardant batting; piped yoke applied to a pleated panel on a doll dress; posh puffing on a garment; hand embroidered outline/stem stitch and information on hoops and needles. Guests: Phyllis Dobbs, Amelia Johanson, Sandy Jenkins

2804 – Decorative Casings
Using decorative stitching to create casings for ribbon weaving; Sew Quick, Sew Easy memory bag; woven ribbon pillow home dec project; hand embroidered bleeding hearts and forget-me-knots. Guests: June Mellinger, Beverley Sheldrick

2805 – Gathered Lace Techniques
Gathered lace edging applied to a child’s top and pants; Sew Quick, Sew Easy embroidered door hanger; Mexican tucks on the Lacy Lavender Quilt; garden shoe trinkets. Guests: Shirley Schooley, Denise Applegate-Schober

2806 – Sewing Machine Needles – Getting to the Point
Types of needles and their uses; Sew Quick, Sew Easy Pashmina shawl to jacket conversion; hand embroidered lazy daisy and chain stitch; sleeve finish on a doll dress. Guests: Steve Butler, Charlotte Gallaher, Sandy Jenkins

2807 – Unique Hankie Creations
Doll dress skirt created with hankies; Sew Quick, Sew Easy Pashmina to skirt conversion; Christmas stocking with a hankie “cuff”; hand embroidered frogs on a baby bib. Guests: Amy Rine, Charlotte Gallaher, Beverley Sheldrick

2808 – Heirloom Sewing By Serger
Three-thread rolled edge serger technique; Sew Quick, Sew Easy stitched photo mats; machine embroidered covered buttons; puffing and embroidered insertion on the Lacy Lavender Quilt. Guests: Peggy Dilbone, Denise Applegate-Schober

2809 – Handlooms
Creating handlooms with decorative machine stitches; Sew Quick, Sew Easy fold-over case for small accessories; hand embroidered gathering stitch and wrapped chain (solid look); organza shadow double scallop on a doll pinafore. Guests: Nina McVeigh, Sandy Jenkins

2810 – Serger Pintucks Smocking
Creating diamond pintucks on a camisole bodice; Sew Quick, Sew Easy headband created with project scraps; hand embroidered Lily of the Valley on baby booties; diamond roses pillow home dec project. Guests: Missy Billingsley, Beverley Sheldrick

2811 – Pleater Ruffles
Creative uses for the pleater; Sew Quick, Sew Easy zippered travel accessory bag; machine embroidered felted wool bowls; lace and ribbon spider web on the Lacy Lavender Quilt. Guests: Deb Yedziniak, Denise Applegate-Schober

2812 – Deconstructed Edges
Applying embellishments to pre-made garments; pinless lace shaped scallops on a doll dress; keyhole neckline technique on a silk blouse; hand-embroidered beading and wrapped chain (cording look). Guests: Louise Cutting, Amelia Johanson, Sandy Jenkins

2813 – Stabilizing for Embroidered and Appliquéd Quilts
Stabilizing techniques for quilting; Sew Quick, Sew Easy embroidered appliqués; shaped yokes on smocking; quilt construction tips for the Lacy Lavender Quilt. Guests: Kay Brooks, Amelia Johanson, Louise Baird