Martha’s Sewing Room Series 2500

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 2500-A
2501 – Warm Window Shade
Creating an insulated window shade; Sew Quick, Sew Easy perfect pillow construction; Bradford rose silk ribbon embroidery on a baby bonnet; embroidered mantle scarf with magic Madeira border. Guests: Pam Damour, Beverley Sheldrick

2502 – Shaped Bias
Shaped bias techniques on a baby daygown; Sew Quick, Sew Easy framed embroidered monogram; “Choosing Hoops” for machine embroidery; piecing techniques on a nursery song quilt. Guests: Connie Palmer, Lindee Goodall

2503 – Perfect Placement of Embroidery
Perfect placement of embroidery on a pillow; Sew Quick, Sew Easy personalized thank you notes; hand embroidered raised stem stitch on a sewing basket; creating a fancy band on a doll’s christening gown. Guests: Marlis Bennett, Wendy Schoen

2504 – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Quilt of Dreams
Sampling of 2005 National winning quilts for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Sew Quick, Sew Easy silk pillowcase; silk ribbon embroidered fluffy rose on a baby bonnet, embroidered bell pull. Guests: Melody Good, Beverley Sheldrick

2505 – Twin Needle Appliqué
Twin needle appliqué on a silk purse; Sew Quick, Sew Easy CD case; “Making a Good Match” for machine embroidery; creating puffing on a black quilt. Guests: Laura Haynie, Lindee Goodall

Video 2500-B
2506 – Re-corded Scallops
Re-corded scallop technique on a christening gown; Sew Quick, Sew Easy pincushion; hand embroidered cast-on flowers on a sewing basket; gathered fabric to entredeux sleeve band on a doll’s christening gown. Guests: Margaret Tully, Wendy Schoen

2507 – Embellishing Jeans
Using embroidery designs to embellish jeans; Sew Quick, Sew Easy monogrammed napkin and ring; tote bag with pinless lace shaped diamond; pinwheel rose silk ribbon embroidery on a baby bonnet. Guests: Jane Cook, Beverley Sheldrick

2508 – Easy Chenille
Easy chenille technique on a jacket; Sew Quick, Sew Easy felted purse; “Beyond the Hoop” for machine embroidery; pintucks on a black quilt. Guests: Sue Hausmann, Lindee Goodall

2509 – Memory Makeovers
Creating a christening gown from a vintage wedding dress using lace to lace applications; Sew Quick, Sew Easy chair adorner; hand embroidered buttonhole flowers on a sewing basket; lined lace bodice on a lavender doll dress. Guests: Pam Mahshie, Wendy Schoen

Video 2500-C
2510 – Picot Embellishment
Picot embellishment on a T-bonnet; creating decorative stitching using built-in lettering; shark’s teeth technique on a black quilt; designing tips for doll dressing. Guests: June Mellinger, Amy Rine

2511 – Welting Cord Application
Welting cord application on a machine smocked pillow; Sew Quick, Sew Easy beauty pin pillow; “Making Your Own Insertions” for machine embroidery; two-color cathedral windowpane technique on a black quilt. Guests: Deb Yedziniak, Lindee Goodall

2512 – Twin Needle Free-Motion Quilting
Twin needle free-motion quilting on a pillow; creating quilted pieces for stretched canvas wall art or cards and gift tags; scalloped hem on a lavender doll dress; hand embroidered colonial knot flower on a sewing basket. Guests: Chris Tryon, Wendy Schoen

2513 – Quick Solutions to Easier Stabilizing
Stabilizing tips and techniques; Sew Quick, Sew Easy embroidered baby onesie; silk ribbon embroidered Briar rose and cross with hand-whipped back stitches; embroidered heart-shaped pillow. Guests: Kay Brooks, Beverley Sheldrick