Martha’s Sewing Room Series 2100

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 2100-A
2101 – Single-Stitch Tie Quilting
A single decorative stitch pattern used for quilt tying; corded buttonhole; embellished quilted bunting for baby; “Summer Memory” picture frame; stem stitch worked in a hoop. Guests: Sue Hausmann, Joanna Pullen, Wendy Schoen2102 – Bow Tie Quilt Block
Making and attaching piping, gathering ruffles, attaching and turning corners all in one step on the serger; “entredeux to flat fabric” machine technique on a block for “From My Heart To Yours” quilt; “Mock Collar” smocked bishop and using a pleater; sashiko embroidered pillow top for kids. Guests: Margaret Tully, Claudia Newton2103 – Scrapbooking with Embroidery
Embroidery on paper; couching threads on paper; quick “Linen Tea Towel Chair Cover;” silk ribbon embroidered pohutukawa tree with blooms; Sewing from the Heart. Guests: Beverley Sheldrick, Marlis Bennet

2104 – Cut-Away Rag Quilting
Whole cloth layered baby rag quilt using painter’s tape as a guide; quilting in a machine embroidery hoop; “Lion Head Pin;” “Here Kitty” journal for kids to make; seed stitch by hand. Guests: Laura Haynie, Joanne Pullen, Wendy Schoen

2105 – Embroidery Design Planning
Using CAD software to plan embroidery placement; “lace to entredeux” on a block for “From My Heart to Yours” quilt; “String of Buttons” necklace; ruffled edging technique on reproduction baby gown; patch pillow construction kids project. Guest: Lisa Shanley, Ph.D.

Video 2100-B
2106 – Machine Quilting
Tips and tricks on machine quilting; trapunto quilting; quick doorknob charmer; shadow binding for doll dressing; “Kawhai” silk ribbon embroidery; kid’s floral collage. Guests: Marie Stevens, Joanna Pullen, Beverley Sheldrick

2107 – Pink Tea
Trouble-free lace corners for table cloths and napkins; embellishing tea towels and table savers; crafty treat basket; “sew” quick tissue cover and mirror; folded tucks technique on reproduction baby gown; “lace curves and diamonds” on a block for “From My Heart to Yours” quilt. Guest: Phyllis Hoffman

2108 – Hand Smocking and Pleating
Geometric smocking stitches: stem, outline, cables, waves (chevrons); how to use the smocking pleater; bullion-stitch bumblebees. Guest: Wendy Schoen

2109 – “No-Sew” Fleece Projects
“No-sew” techniques on a fleece purse and stadium cushion; antique baby gown” technique “curved pintucks;” felted wool frame pillow; “lace bows” on a block for “From My Heart to Yours” quilt; kid’s embroidered ribbon bookmark. Guests: Melody Good, Claudia Newton

Video 2100-C
2110 – Replicating Antiques
Today’s sewing machines replicating stitches and techniques of yesteryear; embellishing and creating ruffles for all occasions; entredeux buttonholes for doll dressing; silk ribbon embroidery “Clematis.” Guests: June Mellinger, Beverley Sheldrick

2111 – Chenille Piping
Decorative chenille piping; machine tatting on pintucks; potholder baby bib; antique baby gown technique “heirloom tabs;” bullion-stitch flowers. Guests: Jewell Hulitt, Wendy Schoen

2112 – Serger Quilting
Chain stitching quilting by serger; cover stitch piping; “sew” quick burp cloth; photo box top; scalloped Madeira border doll dress; Easter orchid with silk ribbon embroidery. Guests: Peggy Dilbone, Beverley Sheldrick

2113 – Dimensional Appliqué
Puffy appliqué with batting and raised embroidery with foam; quilt templates made from sticky-back stabilizer; fabric book of textures for baby; “Pillow on Point” starburst pillow; machine stippling for quilt blocks; construction steps for “From My Heart to Yours” quilt. Guests: Ann Regal, Louise Baird