Martha’s Sewing Room Series 2000

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 2000-A
2001 – Quick Gifts
Hanging Towel, Quilted Potholder, Placemat Organizer, Rickrack Huck Towel, No-Sew Pillow and an Elegant Envelope Pillow. French Waterfall and Cutwork quilt square, colonial knot by hand, Rickrack Placemat for kids. Guest: Wendy Schoen2002 – Bias Scalloped Edging
Bias fabric scalloped on the edge for trim. Rosebud and leaf silk ribbon embroidery, and burp cloths. Guests: Sue Hausmann, Beverley Sheldrick

2003 – Landscape Quilting
The technique of landscape quilting and embellishment. Madeira scallop border, Keepsake Box and Memory book, Embroidered Fan Pillow and chain stitch rickrack for kids. Guest: Marlis Bennett

2004 – Creating Quick Plaids
Quick plaids on the serger, and serger hemming. Flannel Rag Quilt and tiger lilies using silk ribbon embroidery. Guests: Darlene Guillory, Beverley Sheldrick

2005 – Machine Monograms
Collars, pockets, cuffs, handkerchiefs, and pillow all personalized. Madeira scallop border, decorated flip-flops, polar fleece scarf for kids, French knot embroidery. Guests: Steven Jeffery, Wendy Schoen

Video 2000-B
2006 – Lace Making by Machine
Making lace on the machine, shadow appliqué hearts, Dad’s Remote Pillow, fly stitch and button flower embroidery for kids. Guest: June Mellinger

2007 – Cornelli Lace
Fabric embellished to look like cornelli lace, and rickrack embellishment. Easy Cathedral Windows Doll Quilt, polyanthus with leaves using silk ribbon embroidery. Guests: Connie Palmer, Beverley Sheldrick

2008 – Embellishing Ruffles
Decorating garments with ruffles, Woven Rickrack Pillow, featherstitch embroidery by hand. Guests: Marlis Bennett, Wendy Schoen

2009 – Stabilizing and Hooping
Tips on stabilizing and hooping fabric for embroidery, Seminole lacework, Madeira scallop border. Guest: Lindee Goodall

Video 2000-C

2010 – Machine Embroidered Lace Motifs
Lace motifs stitched and joined together to make a border or pillow. Shaped Bias with Rickrack quilt square, rudbeckia using silk ribbon embroidery. Guests: Urban Zündt, Beverley Sheldrick

2011 – Attaching Trims
Attaching trims to projects, Rickrack Apron doll dress, Sequined Votive, Faux Crazypatch Pillow, huck weaving embroidery for kids. Guest: Melody Good

2012 – Machine Smocking Tips
Machine smocking steps and tips. Handkerchief Lace Patchwork Pillow, double and triple featherstitch by hand, mittens for kids. Guests: Carol Ingram, Wendy Schoen

2013 – Stretch Fabric: Sewing and Fitting
Questions are answered on sewing and fitting stretch fabrics. “Romance in Cream and White” quilt construction, Rickrack Apron doll dress. Guests: Dianne Tatara, Ed.D., Lisa Shanley, Ph.D.