Martha’s Sewing Room Series 1800

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 1800-A

Show 1801 – Shaggy Applique
Easy quick shaggy appliqué and ribbon trim on children’s clothes. Also, pintucked puffing on a quilt square and roses, leaves, and rosebuds silk ribbon embroidery: Guests: Connie Palmer, Beverley Sheldrick.

Show 1802 – Crazy Patch
Martha Pullen shows ways to decorate crazy patch seams. Also, shaped puffing on doll dresses, hand embroidery eyelets, and photo transfer picture crafts. Guests: Chris Tryon, Wendy Schoen.

Show 1803 – Invisible Appliqué
Host Martha Pullen quilts with invisible appliqué and directional print binding. Also, a doll’s christening gown with lace hearts; a lacy trinket box; and machine-embroidered tassels. Guest: Marlis Bennett

Show 1804 – Embroidery and Appliqué
Host Martha Pullen shows embroidery and appliqué using the built-in frame heart pattern on the machine. Quilt Square: Shark’s Teeth. Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Sweet Peas, Leaves and Couched Stems. Antique garment, Sewing from the heart. Guest: June Millinger, Beverley Sheldrick

Show 1805 – Quilt Labels
Martha Pullen demonstrates unique quilt labels. Home Decorating: Inspirational Pillow. Hand Embroidery: Granito Flowers. Craft: Heirloom Computer Accessories. Antique garment, Sewing From the Heart Guest: Wendy Schoen

Video 1800-B

Show 1806 – Shadow Tucks
Host Martha Pullen show how to make serger shadow tucks and prairie points for edge finishes. Quilt Square: Celtic Bias and Lace. Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Violets, Stems and Leaves. Craft: Machine Embroidered Candle. Antique garment. Guest: Kelly Laws, Beverley Sheldrick

Show 1807 – Pressing vs. Ironing
Martha Pullen shows techniques for pressing and ironing garments. Hand Embroidery: Buttonhole Edging. Home Decorating: Log Cabin Lace and Redwork. Quilt Doll Dressing: Pleats and Tucks. Antique garment, Sewing From the Heart. Guests: Wendy Schoen, Barbara Zagnoni

Show 1808 – Redwork and Quilting
Martha Pullen host, shows interesting ways to use quilting in clothing. Construction Tip: Pattern Preservation. Home Decorating: Log Cabin Lace and Redwork Pillow. Sew Kool 4 Kids: Slit in a Seam. Craft: Plastic Bag Holder. Antique garment. Guest: Carol Ingram

Show 1809 – Perfect Corners
Martha Pullen shows easy corners on table runner, placemat, hankie, wall hanging and quilt, and quick and easy piping. Kids’ Embroidery: Chain Stitch. Antique dress, Sewing From the Heart.

Video 1800-C

Show 1810 – Dimensional Embroidery
Host Martha Pullen shows dimensional embroidery and embroidery quilting. Quilt Square: Cathedral Lace Windows. Kid’s Embroidery: Blanket Stitch. Antique garment, Sewing from the heart. Guest: Lindee Goodall

Show 1811 – Pattern Comparison
Host Martha Pullen shows how the same pattern software may be used on different body types. Sew Kool 4 Kids: Piping. Home Decorating: Gingham Check Frames. Quilt Construction: Snowball quilt. Antique garment, Sewing from the heart. Guest: Lisa Shanley, Ph.D., Angela Thornton

Show 1812 – More Heirloom Rickrack
Martha Pullen shows interesting rickrack techniques for edging and “lace” shaping. Handkerchief pillow. Hand Embroidery: Padded Satin Stitch Leaf. Antique garment, Sewing from the Heart. Guests: Sue Pennington, Wendy Schoen

Show 1813 – Stippling
Martha Pullen shows tips on machine Stippling. Easy ruffle with piping trim. Doll Dressing: False Placket. Home Decorating: Lattice Smocked Pillow. Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Twisted Roses. Antique. Guest: Peggy Dilbone, Beverley Sheldrick