Martha’s Sewing Room Series 1700

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 1700-A

Show 1701 – Heirloom Rickrack
Host Martha Pullen introduces heirloom rickrack techniques and shows how to set in a rickrack sleeve. Quilt Square: Celtic Lace. Hand Embroidery: Basic tips for Shadow Embroidery. Antique garment. Guests: Sue Pennington, Wendy Schoen

Show 1702 – Easy Cathedral Windows
Martha Pullen hosts a demonstration of a new cathedral window technique using double-sided fabric circles; using a circular guide for machine. Doll Dressing: Madeira Appliqué. Sew Kool 4 Kids: Elastic Waistbands. Antique garment, Sewing from the Heart. Guest: Coni Martin.

Show 1703 – Embroidery On Sweaters
Host Martha Pullen shows purchased sweater with machine embroidery. Beginning Heirloom Sewing: Lace to Lace. Craft: Powder Brush. Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Sunflowers. Antique garment. Guest: Connie Palmer, Beverley Sheldrick

Show 1704 – Hanky’s to Pillows
Martha Pullen host demonstrates turning corners with decorative stitches and easy pillow backs. Doll Dressing: Released Tucks. Sew Kool 4 Kids: Finishing Facings. Antique garment. Guest: Darlene Guillory

Show 1705 – Choosing an Iron
Martha Pullen discusses things to consider when choosing an iron. Hand Embroidery: Shadow Embroidery Shapes. Home Decorating: Ironing Organizer. Quilt Square: Rickrack Bridging. Antique garment, Sewing from the Heart. Guests: Wendy Schoen, Barbara Zagnoni

Video 1700-B

Show 1706 – Heirloom Serging
Martha Pullen demonstrates heirloom sewing techniques on the serger. Doll dressing: Facings and Bindings. Kid’s Embroidery: Backstitch Home Decorating: Tie Pillow. Antique garment. Sewing for the heart.

Show 1707 – Sewing In Circles
Martha Pullen demonstrates binding and a circular attachment for machine. Add a fabric panel to a denim jacket. Hand Embroidery: Shadow Embroidery. Heirloom Sewing: Entredeux techniques. Antique garment, Sewing from the Heart. Guests: Marlis Bennett, Wendy Schoen

Show 1708 – Cathedral Windows and Redwork
Martha Pullen shows how to combine Redwork with Cathedral Windows quilting. Home Decorating: Puffing Piping Pillow. Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Crazy Daisies. Antique garment, Sewing from the Heart. Guest: Lindee Goodall, Beverley Sheldrick

Show 1709 – Quilted Photo Albums
Martha Pullen shows interesting quilting techniques for album and book covers. Construction Tip: Threads for Quilting. Quilt Square: Mock Lace Shaping. Kids’ Embroidery: Outline Stitch. Antique garment. Guest: Joyce Drexler

Video 1700-C

Show 1710 – Sewing for Baby
Martha Pullen shows baby bonnets made from purchased handkerchiefs. Shadow Embroidery: Identifying Shapes; Home Decorating: Machine-Embroidered Dollhouse Wall Hanging. Heirloom Sewing: Lace to Fabric technique. Antique garment, Sewing from the Heart. Guest: Wendy Schoen

Show 1711 – Pattern Software
Martha Pullen explains pattern software and how to use it at home. Quilt Square: Lace Circles and Hearts. Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Hydrangeas and Butterflies. Antique garment. Guest: Dianne Tatara, Ed.D., Beverley Sheldrick

Show 1712 – Quick Gifts
Martha Pullen shows quick and easy gifts, including decorative lotion bottle, salt shaker tassel, personality notes, and doily pillow. Quilt Square: Madeira Appliqué. Sew Kool 4 Kids: Sewing Machine Hems. Antique child’s dress.

Show 1713 – Quilted Memories
Martha Pullen shows quilted memories made from children’s drawing and family photos. Tips on making fast quilts. Doll dressing tips on attaching lace edging and elastic. Kid’s Embroidery: Running stitch. Antique garment, Sewing from the heart. Guest: Sue Hausmann