Martha’s Sewing Room Series 1500

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 1500-A

Show 1501 – Bias Binding
Using a bias binder for the machine, construction tips, and a doll’s reversible apron dress. Making a doll skirt on Sew Kool 4 Kids, and learn about the running stitch on Kids’ Embroidery. Guest: Marlis Bennett.

Show 1502 – Reverse Embroidery
Reverse embroidery using hand-dyed yarn in the bobbin; a stippling stitch and couching techniques. Also, garment construction tips, organdy Madeira windows quilt Square, and silk ribbon spiderweb roses. Guests: Sue Hausmann, Beverley Sheldrick.

Show 1503 – Specialty Techniques
Martha Pullen demonstrates several easy but impressive embellishment techniques: shaped lace, organdy Madeira windowpane, Madeira motifs, and magic Madeira border. Sew Kool 4 Kids features doll pants; the fly stitch demonstrated on Kids’ Embroidery.

Show 1504 – Embroidered Appliqué
Floating appliqué, free-motion flowers and stippling for embellishments, and using printed panels as appliqués. Also, construction tips and a reversible apron doll dress. Guest: Joyce Drexler.

Show 1505 – Bridging by Machine
Machine bridging and construction tips for adding fringe to garments. Also, a doll dress with the cathedral lace windows technique, and a Victorian night light. Guests: Chris Tryon, Beverley Sheldrick.

Video 1500-B

Show 1506 – Creative Scrapbooks
Scrapbooking with your sewing machine: lace on paper, machine-embroidered appliqués, and decorative stitches on paper. Also, a Seminole lacework quilt square and a Sew Kool for Kids doll dress. Guests: Marlis Bennett and Kathy Neal.

Show 1507 – Scalloped Piping
Scalloped piping and French bias bindings; a window treasure pillow and silk ribbon tassel; the chain stitch on Kid’s Embroidery. Guest: Sue Pennington.

Show 1508 – Off-the-Edge Scallops
See how easy it is to make scallops that drop off the edge of the fabric. Also, wash-away gathering, Celtic lace shaping on a quilt square, and a sweet pea and vines stitched in silk ribbon. Guests: Peggy Dilbone, Beverley Sheldrick.

Show 1509 – Shadow Appliqué
Shadow appliqué, embroidery designs, and cutwork, all by machine. Also: mock flat-felled seams and using a bias tape maker to create bias strips for the Celtic bias shaping quilt square. Guests: Lindee Goodall, Kathy Neal.

Video 1500-C

Show 1510 – Wing Needle / Circular Embroidery
Martha Pullen demonstrates a circular-motion machine attachment and stitching with a wing needle. Also, rolled and blind hems and a doll dress featuring cathedral lace windows. Guests: Linnette Whicker, Kathy Neal.

Show 1511 – Creating Lace Insertion
Lace insertions embroidered on organza; creating a lacy decorative stitches quilt square with sewing machine lace. Also, a doily basket and stitching silk ribbon fuchsias. Guests: Lana Bennett, Beverley Sheldrick.

Show 1512 – Perfect Fit Pants
Martha Pullen shows how to correctly take measurements and sew a perfect-fit pair of pants using easy pattern-making software. Also a “welcome to the family” quilt features family names on appliquéd hearts. Guests: Dianne Tatara, Ed.D., and Lisa Shanley, Ph.D.

Show 1513 – Quilt Embroidery
Stipple quilting on an embroidered quilt. Sew Kool 4 Kids features a doll skirt, and how to make a tassel and braid pillow.