Martha’s Sewing Room Series 1200

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 1200-A
Show 1201 – Quick Gifts
Everyone needs a quick gift on occasion. Martha Pullen shows how easy it is to create neck warmers, picture frames, and several versions of cloth heirloom baby dolls dressed in lacy daygowns. She also demonstrates the French waterfall technique on a quilt square and gives tips on the business of sewing.

Show 1202 – Machine Smocking
Martha Pullen shows how easy it is to smock with the sewing machine. Antique buttons are used to make a “Button Lady” craft picture. She also shows two doll dresses, one smocked by hand and one by machine. Can you tell the difference? Guest: Deb Yedziniak.

Show 1203 – Shark’s Teeth
Shark’s teeth add a decorative but tailored look to your projects. Host Martha Pullen demonstrates how rows of tucks are turned into shark’s teeth, shows a shark’s teeth quilt square, and does shadow work by hand.

Show 1204 – Terrific Tucks
Host Martha Pullen demonstrates how tucks in garments can add both a decorative and functional touch. She also works on a tucked and embroidered camisole, a green silk dupioni pillow, a floral nightlight switch plate cover, and a soap sachet. Guest: Connie Palmer

Show 1205 – Shadow Borders and Motifs
Host Martha Pullen creates shadow borders and motifs using a wing needle pinstitch. A lingerie piece is embellished using the shadow border technique, and the hand-embroidery chain stitch is demonstrated. She also makes a delicate netting pillow for bedroom or living room.

Video 1200-B
Show 1206 – Decorative Pintucks
Decorative pintucks don’t have to be expensive. Martha Pullen demonstrates several needling techniques on a lovely piece of lingerie, creates chrysanthemums and buds using silk ribbon, and shows vintage clothing. Guest: Chris Tryon

Show 1207 – Baby Show
Heirloom sewing by serger is fast. A baby bib is serged and finished, a teddy bear gets a pinafore, and Humpty the pillow is comes to life. Martha also shows how to fashion a framed memory.

Show 1208 – Heirloom Strip Piecing
Martha Pullen shows how to strip piece using ribbons, laces, and machine-embroidered fabric strips. Martha also demonstrates the shadow appliqué sandwich quilt square and padded satin stitch in-hand embroidery. Guest: Jewel Hulitt

Show 1209 – Silk Ribbon by Machine
Host Martha Pullen shows how to embellish with silk ribbon by machine and machine embroidery. She also demonstrates a hand silk ribbon stitch and creates a twisted chrysanthemum on an elegant robe. Also: a peach parfait doll dress. Guest: Eileen Roche.

Video 1200-C
Show 1210 – Fork Pleating
See how a dinner fork can be used to create pleats in fabrics, an inventive way to add fullness to lingerie, doll dresses, and ruffles. Also, a linen table runner with a floral appliqué, and a quick and easy Madeira appliqué quilt square is added to the heirloom quilt. Guest: Patti Jo Larson.

Show 1211 – Borders and Insets
Creating borders and decorative insets for clothing or home decorating projects is a snap using the sewing machine. Host Martha Pullen presents several projects using this terrific technique. Also: a Solomon seal in silk ribbon and a doll dress. Guest: Pam Mahshie.

Show 1212 – Cutwork
Cutwork is an age-old technique made new again with today’s sewing machines. Host Martha Pullen shows several examples of cutwork, from home decorating to garments. A purse is covered with marabou to create a lovely evening bag, and a fil tiré stitch by hand is demonstrated. Guest: Joyce Drexler

Show 1213 – Quilt Construction
Martha Pullen shows how to finish the heirloom quilt featured during this series. Also, an apron tote, a bulletin board, and a clipboard teacher gift. Needle tatting is demonstrated and stitched to a beautiful baby bib.