Martha’s Sewing Room Series 1100

Martha's Sewing Room


Video 1100-A
Show 1101 – Celtic Lace Shaping
Host Martha Pullen shows how easy it is to create the intricate lace designs of Celtic lace shaping. Shaping bias strips are demonstrated on the heirloom quilt. Also shown is a “Loves Me” pillow using permanent fabric markers, a silk transfer, embroidery, and/or silk flowers. A hand-embroidery cordonnett stitch is also demonstrated; vintage clothing.

Show 1102 – Hemstitching
Pinstitching and hemstitching is a great technique used on clothing, pillows, and table linens. Martha Pullen shows how to incorporate these stitches into your projects, discussing needles, threads, and stabilizers. Lovely lingerie is discussed. A tapestry and silk pillow is created and vintage clothing is shown. Guest: Sue Hausmann.

Show 1103 – Australian Windowpane
See how easy Australian Windowpane really is! Martha Pullen shows this technique on a silk and organdy flower pillow and a Spring Oval Windowpane doll dress. Special techniques on creating fine baby wear are also shown and vintage clothing.

Show 1104 – Appliqué Accents
Appliqué accents are fast and easy, and create a wonderful dimensional effect. Appliqué demonstrated on lingerie is truly elegant. Special silk ribbon embellishments of violets, French knots, and fillers are demonstrated; vintage clothing is also featured. Guest: Lindee Goodall.

Show 1105 – Circular Embellishing
Host Martha Pullen discusses embellishing garments with circular embroidery as well as adding other decorative touches. Creating eyelets by hand is also demonstrated. An oval puffing quilt square is added to the heirloom quilt. Vintage clothing. Guest: June Mellinger.

Video 1100-B
Show 1106 – Sewing Ergonomics
Martha Pullen demonstrates the importance of correct sewing posture while sewing. Tips are also give to eliminate neck and back pain. Martha demonstrates how to make welt pockets on a tailored jacket. Also shown are a tassel pillow, perfect pleats doll dress, and vintage clothing. Guest: Anna Zapp.

Show 1107 – Scallops
The scallop decorative stitch is often used in heirloom sewing. Martha Pullen shows how to do off-the-edge scallops. Also shown is a silk nightshirt with tucks, embroidery, and a rolled shell hem. The crazy patch square from the series quilt and the satin stitch dots hand embroidery stitch are demonstrated. Guest: Marlis Bennett

Show 1108 – Perfect Pockets
The challenge of making prefect pockets is greatly simplified when you use the pocket maker. This easy to use gadget creates perfect corners for all types of pockets. Silk ribbon spiderweb roses are also demonstrated. Of course, vintage clothing is featured. Guest: Clotilde.

Show 1109 – Twin Needling
Host Martha Pullen shows the use of shadowed pintucks, embroidery, and a scalloped edge on a beautiful camisole and robe. A Seminole lacework square is added to the heirloom quilt. The hand embroidery fishbone stitch is demonstrated. Guest: Sheryl Capps.

Video 1100-C
Show 1110 – Decorative Stitching
The elegant art of decorative stitching is shown to be simple when tips and tricks are known. A lovely piece of lingerie is shown with very creative decorative stitching. How to combine lace with silk ribbon embroidery is demonstrated, and a precious heart brooch is created. Vintage clothing is also featured. Guest: Philip Pepper.

Show 1111 – Picture Transfer and Silk Ribbon by Machine
Picture transfers are easy, fun, and decorative. Martha Pullen shows the technique for transferring antique valentines and other pictures to fabric; she also illustrates how easy it is to add silk ribbon by machine to the transfer. Framing your treasured creation is also included. The lace circle with Australian windowpane quilt square is also shown. French seam technique is demonstrated for fine babywear.

Show 1112 – Magic Madeira Appliqué
Using wash-away basting thread, host Martha Pullen shows a new madeira appliqué technique that is both easy and beautiful. This madeira appliqué technique is demonstrated on a wonderful lingerie camisole. Also shown are a quick scissors holder and a doll dress embellished with tatting. Guest: Patti Jo Larson.

Show 1113 – Stabilizer Secrets
Host Martha Pullen talks with about the use of stabilizers. Also featured are a semicircular puffing pillow, a “pots-n-pins” craft project, and fine babywear techniques of French bindings and a shell edging. Guest: Joyce Drexler.