Martha PullenI have a cute story to tell you. Most of you know me and know that I have boundless energy—always have had. Sometimes I wonder how my poor mother ever put up with me. Then I remember that she had even more energy than I have—right up until she died!!!

I was invited to make the first speech for the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama called “Strong Coffee, Strong Women.” Well I was super excited since I guess I consider myself a strong (some people call me dominant) woman and I like strong coffee (as long as it has Splenda and lots of milk). The hard part of this speech was that it was to be 10 minutes long!!! 10 minutes!!! I can’t even say my name in 10 minutes!!! But I said to myself, “Martha you can do this.” Then I asked myself, “O.K. how can you do this? In only 10 minutes?”  I then answered, “You have to, that is how!” The topic was to be “My Entrepreneurial Experiences Over the Last 32 Years with Martha Pullen Company”—ALL IN 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!! These beautiful ladies from all walks of the business world ranged in age from about 30-50. They were lawyers, accountants, bankers, entrepreneurs, professors, corporate executives, and on and on from the Huntsville business community.

So I greeted them. Then spent about 3 minutes sharing my surefire success business planning technique called the 3/30 Plan which I guarantee to be THE EASIEST SUCCESSS ORIENTED BUSINESS PLAN IN THE WORLD. I suggest everyone “build” this plan ON PAPER before even thinking one step further about whether to open a business or not. Then I stated, “Since I am on third base in my life—I am nearly 70 years old and I have to think carefully about what I am going to do with the next 10 years of my career.” I was then starting to talk and the room began little polite giggles. I stopped talking. I looked at these very sweet polite intelligent women who were giggling. Sweet caring loving giggles but giggles never the less. I said to them, “Was that funny? My saying that I am planning carefully the next 10 years of my career between the ages of 70 and 80?”

They said, “Martha we have never known anyone who was with great excitement planning a new beginning to their career at age 70 to go to age 80!”

Well I said, “Now you know someone and it is ME!” “And I cannot wait.” First, I plan to stay with my beloved sewing business. I am working part time there now. Second, I am finishing a major business book on my brand of entrepreneurship which worked with God’s help to help me, a schoolteacher build a 6 million dollar a year company in sewing! Over the next 10 years, I want to help as many women (and men too if they want to take my workshops) to do the same thing that God showed me how to do. I am passionate about helping others do the same thing that God and I did. I might just do it well past 80. I don’t know.

They was still giggling but also asking or rather begging to know when they could sign up to take the course or courses. I told them they would be the first to know as soon as the book was finished and my website, which will have part of the training course on it. I told them the website is going to be rather like a business boot camp to accompany the actual classroom experience that I will lead in person. So 1. BOOK, 2. BUSINESS BOOTCAMP IN PERSON WITH MARTHA, AND 3. BOOT CAMP / CASE STUDY / ON-LINE EDUCATION ON THE WEBSITE WILL COMPRISE THE COURSE OF ACTION for the Pullen Business School. All of this will launch in early 2014!!

I realize that I am stronger than ever. I have more energy than ever. My feet are flatter than ever and they do hurt sometimes. I have to wear sandals or Ugg boots to be comfortable. I love elastic around my waist. I am more enthusiastic than ever. I am more pumped than ever about the sewing business. I am just as pumped about this new business school which I am planning almost daily. I am pumped about life. I am honored and privileged to be able to take care of Joe who has early dementia. I am blessed that we have long term health care insurance and that I can hire lots of help at home. By the way, that was the smartest money we ever spent a long time ago. He is the love of my life and he must be taken care of perfectly. I am thrilled that I can work mostly at home where I can care for him mostly. Life is beyond good.

As you know I have 18 grand kids that are the joys of my life. Don’t get me started on them. That is for another blog.

In closing, I pray for our men and women serving in harm’s way and for their families. I pray for our world leaders and for their decision making in a very complicated world. I am in very special prayer for you, my sewing family. Difficult situations surround so many of you, of us. I pray for healing for those who need healing. I pray for strength to handle whatever you and I are facing this week. Hang on to God. He has never failed me and always remember that God is sovereign even though we do not have any kind of ability to understand all that is happening—both good and bad. Please rest your life in Him and He is able to “keep you from falling” (Jude 1:24). I send my love and my deep appreciation and gratitude for your letting me come to your home each week and for your business. You are and always have been faithful and loyal and I never, never, never take you for granted. Never forget that I will always love you. Never, never, never, never forget that my beloved sewing family. And I will have such fun writing these very personal fun blogs to you. I’m afraid it will be like a reality show but that will be OK, I think.