Rwanda Sewing Sisters




Dear Sewing Family,


As you know, I love my sewing sisters in Rwanda, Africa who take sewing lessons with Africa New Life Ministries. One of the greatest trips of my life was in September  2011 when I traveled with my sister, Mary Nixon, Dianne Berryhill and Anne Spence to visit with our sewing sisters at Africa New Life Ministries. I loved meeting the ladies. Through your generosity we were able to purchase 20 new pedal Butterfly (brand) sewing machines for their classroom.

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I was looking through some beautiful sewing room make overs last week on the internet and I was reminded of my sewing sisters in Africa who were so grateful to have the sewing lessons with shared sewing machines most of which did not even work very well. I think every one of us needs to be reminded to be thankful, soooo thankful for our blessings in this country. We are indeed the most blessed country in the world.

As we begin this new school year I am very excited that we have two licensings here in Huntsville that are completely full with a long waiting list. Thank you for loving our events here in Huntsville. I will be overjoyed to travel once again to Tucson for Donnie and Janice Cathey and Baby Lock early October. I’ll see many of you out there!


Martha Pullen, Love of Heirloom by Babylock

I pray for our men and women serving in harm’s way and for their families. I pray for you and your family and for any difficulties you might be facing at this time. I know for sure that God is sovereign, perfect and that He does not make mistakes. He has the whole world totally in his hands. (Do you remember the sweet little song that we used to sing at Sunday School, “He’s got the whole world in his hands?”) Also I think of my favorite Christian song, “Jesus Loves Me, This I know.” Dwell on good things, things of God. My sewing machine is always comfort food for me and I’m sure you. I am praying for each of you, I promise. I send my love. Always know that as long as you live. You are deeply appreciated by me personally and by this business. Your loyalty has us chugging right along for the best year ever–FOR YOU–in Martha Pullen Company.The first credit for our doing just fine in these difficult days are due to God and God alone. But YOU come right in after Him. I totally appreciate you Have a wonderful week and if you keep your eyes on God I promise it will be.

May  God Bless You,




MACHINE EMBROIDERY “WANTABES” from Bridgett, West Virginia

When I make a new design on the embroidery machine, you call them “wantabes.” I usually make them into oversized coasters. Some of them are reproduced for gifts, and others are “just made up.”  I use fleece, that is sold as interfacing, here locally to back them and then all I do is use the same fabric or whatever scraps of fabric that I have lying around to finish the back.

ORGANIZATION TIP from Dot, Mississippi

My organization tip is for buttons.  My Mother kept her buttons in a cake tin or a jar so that is what I did.  I was in Lowe’s Building Materials one day getting me a selection of small nails for pictures and small woodworking projects. (In addition to my heirloom sewing and quilting, I love to do woodworking. It is the same as sewing except the material is not as forgiving.  🙂 They had these small plastic cabinets for organizing screws. It was perfect for the small nails.  When I got home I dropped my packages in my sewing room and rushed around with supper etc. When I returned to my sewing room the little cabinet with the small drawers just looked like the perfect cabinet for my buttons and snaps. Now I have a drawer of red buttons, brass buttons, white buttons etc. Also, a drawer for snaps, hook/eyes, tailors chalk, and several other small items. It looks good on my shelves and very neat.



Proverbs 15: 22
22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

I turned to the scripture I chose for today’s newsletter and thought about the planning which I need to do in my personal life, in my spiritual life and in my business life. I pray that I might not have narrow vision in all of these areas and I pray that I can listen to lots of help from trusted advisors. Most importantly I pray that I will listen to God.

Sometimes I say “I’m so busy. So busy.” If I think of who makes my schedule I don’t wonder about why I am “so busy.” I make my schedule and I can change my schedule can’t I? In working with wise counsel of others, possibly I can see that other people can do some of the things which make me so “busy” and possibly the whole “system” can operate better without Martha’s being so “busy.” “Busy” just might be a four letter word.  I totally know that God has His way of directing me if I will make Him my main counsel; sometimes I am so “busy” I ignore God’s direction. God is alive and well on this planet earth and in my life. Why do I sometimes ignore His counsel?




CROCK POT “TIP” from Joan
This is not exactly a crock pot recipe, but a tip. When roasts (usually rump roast or English roast is on sale or boneless chicken breasts, I place either of them in the crock pot with 1/2 or 3/4 cup water and cook on HI for 5-6 hours, depending on amount of meat. I do this on Saturday when I’m busy and then I have the meat cooked with some broth for noodles, dumplings, dressing, etc. for two or three meals to be used in the next few days. This helps my busy schedule as the meat portion of the meal is cooked ahead, cutting down meal preparation time later. Thanks for all your recipes.
Joan Layman


  • Any kind of roast (I usually have a beef roast or venison roast)
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 pkg. instant Lipton Onion Soup

Directions:  Place the roast in the crock pot.  Place the onion soup on top of the roast and spread around.  Then pour the cream of mushroom soup over that.  I add a little water as I place some potatoes and carrots, cut up around the roast.  The soups make nice gravy, and the whole meal is in the crock-pot.  I am looking forward to seeing other crock pot recipes!  It sure saves a lot of time to come home from work and have a meal ready.