Christmas stockings & a Zany alphabet

Dear Sewing Family,

I get excited about Christmas starting the Fourth of July! That is the official Christmas season for me. Years ago someone made me this adorable crazy patch Christmas stocking made of about everything but the kitchen sink then embellished with “regular” machine stitching (not machine embroidery) then lots of wonderful yarns, etc. stitched down all over the crazy patch. I think it is wonderful. I love the “Martha” stitched on the top.




The back is lined with velvet but any fabric would do. This year’s 2013 Internet Embroidery Club has the absolute cutest alphabet called Zany Alphabet which would be ADORABLE with names of your family stitched on the top of Christmas stockings hung on your mantle. It is just the cutest alphabet in the world and it is actually the SECOND alphabet with your membership in this year’s Internet Embroidery Club.

big Aa Big B big C little b little c

solid big a solid little asolid big bsolid little bsolid big c solid little c

I just wanted to send you pictures of my cute Christmas stocking and tell you that I am already thinking about Christmas. Can I tell you that I am putting up my Christmas decorations starting in late October this year since Joanna is having Thanksgiving at her house this year? I have never decorated this early as I am this year but I want to get out everything I own for Christmas this year. If I wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate I never have time to really “get out everything” and decorate. You know how I love my hand made ornaments and I might just decorate three trees this year. I have that many trees in boxes in my garage at this time.

Just know how much I love each and every one of you my sewing family. We have two fabulous licensings this fall and I am going to Tucson to see so many of you.

BIG SECRET!!! I will be in Ohio taping very very very special things this November. We are going to do our VERY FIRST on-line Martha Pullen Teacher Licensed Program—A Beginning Licensing—for those of you who absolutely cannot get to Huntsville to one of our licensed teacher programs. STAY TUNED!! I JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS NEWS. I have nothing more at this time but could not wait to tell you.

I pray for our men and women serving in harm’s way and for their families. I pray for you and I love you sooo much.

God Bless,



If you are making a Christmas dress or even pajamas for a child, use some of the scrap fabric to make an ornament. You can choose a very simple shape like a stocking or a heart, add a little lace or trim, and if you feel ambitious embroider the child’s name and the date. I did this quite by accident many years ago when the scraps I had from making my daughter’s dress were perfect for an ornament I wanted to make. Every year we have the pleasure of remembering that dress when we decorate our tree.

HISTORIC RECIPE FROM The R.T. French Company, Mustard Makers, Rochester, NY (cookbook copyright 1900)

Saratoga Salad
Allow one cup of diced celery to one quart of cold boiled potatoes, diced, and two onions chopped fine. To half a cup of French’s Cream Salad Mustard add sour cream until the mixture is of the proper thickness (about half a cup of the cream is generally required). Add salt to taste and mix thoroughly.

The above dressing will be found delicious on tomato and cucumber salads, or cold sliced tomatoes, cold lettuce or other green salads, and will be improved if seasoned with French’s Paprika and lemon juice, or a few drops of cider vinegar to taste. A little of French’s Paprika is always an improvement.

Easy Chicken Breast Bake from Martha Pullen’s Files

1 four ounce can mushrooms
1 tablespoon Wyler’s instant chicken bouillon
4 chicken breasts
Celery salt
Tarragon leaves
Basil leaves
1 can cream of chicken soup

Mix juice of mushrooms and instant chicken bouillon. Butter or spray with
Pam the bottom of the casserole dish. Sprinkle the bottom of chicken breasts with celery salt and pepper. Dot margarine on top and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with tarragon leaves and basil leaves; spoon on canned chicken soup. Add one half of bullion/mushroom mixture. Cook one hour in 350-degree oven uncovered. Add rest of bullion mixture and mushrooms. Cook for 15 minutes more.


Isaiah 43: 1-3

1 …“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.
2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.
3 For I am the Lord, your God…”


For William’s christening Charlie and Jan Lyle brought him the most gorgeous embroidered pillow with his name, his birth and christening date and the scripture verse “I have called you by name, you are mine.” I just adored this scripture for a pillow for almost any occasion-for any age person. When I read verse 2 and 3 I realized, once again, that God is indeed with us when we are in deep waters and might drown. I have not actually been in any deep waters, literally, lately but I certainly have been in deep waters emotionally with different situations in my life. I feel certain everyone reading this devotional has “deep waters” in your life right now. I need to realize more completely that I will not drown or burn if I let God take me through the rivers and the fires in my life.

I shudder to think how I would get through difficult times-which seem to come most every day for most of us I think-without God to help me. I pray for God’s protection for our men and women in uniform fighting this horrid war. I pray for God to direct leaders to know what to do and when. I pray for God to stop terrorism and senseless killing all over the world. As our pastor, Dr. Jimmy Jackson said last Sunday, “Our troubles make us stronger.” Recently I read a very good article about raising children that we should be more concerned about their character and manners than about their attending sports events, lessons of every kind and being accomplished in things of the world. God and character gets us and our children through life’s difficulties. I pray that all of my children and grandchildren know completely that it is God who will get them through their difficult times-the deep waters and the fire. I call on that knowledge, daily, that my parents instilled in me as a child.