A Sweet Letter & A Clothing Mishap

MP-Bonnet-DressDear Sewing Family,

As you know I love to share all kinds of things! I got a sweet letter this week from Penny.

She wrote:

Dear Martha,

Thanks for your advice on using non chlorine bleach to restore my grandmother’s quilts. They brightened up beautifully from the yellow stains from being stored for years. I did have to Google non-chlorine bleach to find out what it was and what brand name to buy.

After the success with the quilts I used your advice to use the non-chlorine bleach on my white shirts with iced tea stains, my ankle socks and kitchen towels. It is wonderful for non-vintage items too. I have become a soaking non-chlorine bleach fiend.

Thanks for sharing your talents and faith,




I have loved telling people about the BIZ BUCKET for soooo many years. I have literally whitened all of my stained antique clothes in a Biz bucket.

Let me be the first to tell you I am not a museum curator and I do not own museum pieces. With that being said, I will share that one time I came in late from a trip from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport where apparently it had been raining and apparently my hard sided suitcases had been out in the rain. I did not know that rain had soaked into the suitcases on my model garments—two suitcases of gorgeous clothes! Two weeks later when I was getting ready to re-pack my model garments for another trip I opened the two suitcases and everything in them was BLACK WITH MILDEW! I literally cried!!! I thought all of my gorgeous clothes were ruined!!

I knew of nothing to do but fill the bathtub with water and put a whole box of BIZ in the bathtub. The next day, I drained the tub and re-filled it again putting another box of BIZ. The next day I repeated the process. By the fourth day most of the mildew was gone and I began washing the clothes in the washing machine. Would you believe that every bit of the mildew came out of everything including my heirloom quilts?

Now one little change happened. I had a gorgeous silk batiste baby blue dress with tons of lace—Susan York had made this model garment. After the days of the bathtub baths in the Biz it came out a gorgeous gray rather than the beautiful blue. It was still fabulous and no one ever knew that the original color was blue. Actually everyone wanted to buy the gray silk batiste and I had a new story to tell them at the seminars. Can you even think of the starching and pressing that I had to do after cleaning all of these clothes before packing them again for their next trips. Oh, well, the stories of my travels all over the world.

By the way I am nearing the million mile mark on Delta alone. I have traveled many miles on other airlines also. What a privilege to have traveled that many miles on many airlines. I look forward to many more.

Today I felt like sharing a devotional along with the letter and the story. Never forget that I love you with all of my heart.

God Bless,


Job 1:21 …The Lord gave me everything I had, and the Lord has taken it away. Praise the name of the Lord!

Even after losing everything—possessions and family—Job still loves God and recognizes His sovereignty. Our beloved pastor at Whitesburg Baptist Church, Dr. Jimmy Jackson, told this story in a sermon concerning our lives. I will paraphrase. “We sometimes expect life to be like a 6 lane highway, where we are driving an air conditioned car which gets 400 miles to the gallon and always runs smoothly and perfectly. However, life is more like a covered wagon trip to the west in early times where the wheels fall off, the road has major rocks, the ride is bumpy and sometimes it seems that we just can’t go on.” He also stated that many times when he wanted to relax in a folding chair, he could not get the chair open. He stated, “We cannot go through life without pain; but we do not go through alone.” Bad things do happen. Yet we still know that God is all powerful and knows what he is doing. God can turn evil things to good. Job’s life is the perfect example of a man who never lost faith in God during tragic times. Cling tightly to your faith through all trials and God will reward, if not here on this earth then in heaven.