A preview of Sew Beautiful issue #151

“Makes My Heart Sing” Sew Beautiful

Dear Sewing Family,

I probably should not even be talking about the newest Sew Beautiful since it is not on the newsstands yet; however, I am going to anyway. Have you ever read a book or a magazine and it simply made your heart sing? Well the newest Sew Beautiful has made my heart sing and sing and sing! It takes me back to the dreams of beautiful things made on a sewing machine pushing me to start a magazine although I knew nothing about creating a magazine. It takes me to beautiful fabrics. It takes me to a fabulous woman’s blouse of black lace which I would love to wear and Joanna would love also.  The TWO full sized patterns include the most exquisite little white smocked coat that you have ever seen as well as a hooded baby jacket. The white Winter Rose Smocked Coat is by Laurie Anderson and it is museum worthy. The pink hooded baby jacket is a Wendy Schoen creation; not only did she design the gorgeous jacket but also a precious baby bunting. Both of these  patterns are included!!

cover 151



Wendy Schoen’s “Embroidered Baby Jacket & Bunting”


Laurie Anderson’s “Winter Rose Smocked Coat with Matching Bishop & Bonnet”


Do you love to smock?? Wait until you see the Winter Rose smocking design plate used on the coat and the matching bishop dress! There is the SWEETEST Valentine smocked dress with the world’s most interesting hem treatment! What details! Lots of hand embroidery is sprinkled throughout the magazine. Oh, my baby daygowns for boys and girls are sooo sweet. Wait until you see Trisha Smith’s a-line jumper with seams on the outside of the garment. New technique for sure and very casual. The cover dress by Connie Palmer has the sweetest sash I have ever seen on a child’s dress. TRULY! The monogram in the center of the dress makes it the perfect Christmas dress or Easter dress or just “most special dress you have ever seen.”

Thank you Cyndi Manson-May and Amelia Johanson. Every dream I ever had for creating Sew Beautiful many years ago comes to full light in this issue. All of our subscribers will drool over this issue and find so many sewing ideas that they will want to make or to save for the next baby in their family. It is truly a national treasure.

If you do not subscribe to the “new” Sew Beautiful, now is the time to get a subscription. If you have been waiting for “our” Sew Beautiful to return, I can assure you it has returned. Every issue is packed with beautiful clothes. Truly beautiful clothes. The techniques are unique and interesting. Embroidery by hand and machine is featured and with beautiful style and taste. Fabulous patterns are given in multi sizes. Oh, how thrilled I am with this newest Sew Beautiful. I feel sure you will be too.

Maybe you should give yourself an early Christmas present and subscribe to Sew Beautiful. I can promise you that you will not regret it. It is truly “sew beautiful.” I AM THRILLED!

To subscribe, begin by going here: https://secure.palmcoastd.com/pcd/eSv?iMagId=07645&i4Ky=IA03

My big family news this week is that Cecil, who grew up in Sew Beautiful magazine, was the homecoming 9th grade maid for Huntsville High School. She had a wonderful weekend and was very honored that her classmates elected her.


Thank you again for letting me come into your home this week. I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the School of Art Fashion, February 5-9, 2014! I love “talking” to all of you each week in this blog. You will never know how you are appreciated by Martha Pullen Company and by me personally.  You are never taken for granted. I pray for our troops and their families. I pray for each of you in difficult situations at this time. I pray for all of you. Please have a wonderful week and I’ll see you very soon. Never forget how much I love you.

May God Bless You,


A Bit of History, 1931

As you know I love reading historical magazines concerning needlework and sewing. This week I was especially intrigued over an article in The Needlecraft Magazine dated November, 1931. The title of the article was “Encourage Needle-Art in Children.” I can certainly second that motion. Some of the statements from the magazine were:

“In this day and age of machinery one of the finest, most worthy things to cultivate and cherish is art. Why does grandmother’s sampler merit the choice wall-space among our masterpieces of renown? Not alone for its simple beauty nor for the reason that it was fashioned by beloved hands, but because machinery cannot duplicate it. It has individuality.”

“Oh, time is putting a high price on handwork! Art is a gift. Encourage it in your children. Teach them to sew, to do ‘needle painting’ that will arouse the love of the beautiful within them. Applaud the first crude stitches of the little five year old and watch them improve, grow into something of genuine beauty-an inspiration.”

“Things created by hand are precious indeed, these days; and the creator to whose credit they belong can be justly proud of an accomplishment worthy a glowing place in the future.”

After reading this beautiful essay from 1931 I thought about how we are making beautiful heirlooms with our embroidery machines as well as with our hand needlework. If you have not let your children or grandchildren embroider with your machine please do – with supervision, of course. At our kid’s school last July all the students embroidered shirts and were having the best time using the Baby Lock embroidery machines.




Philippians 4:19

19 My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Many of you know that Philippians is one of my all time most loved books in the Bible. I quote frequently from Ephesians and Philippians. OH, well I better not start telling all of my favorite books or we will be here all day.

I have used this nursery rhyme many times over the years to illustrate the power of God to “fix” things when we as humans cannot. I wonder how many of you have a “Humpty Dumpty” situation on your hands right now? Please after reading the little nursery rhyme, go back to read once again Philippians 4:19 and repeat it many times knowing that God, alone, can meet your needs. He said he would. And he owns every resource.

Humpty, Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty, Dumpty had a great fall.
All of the kings horses and all the king’s men,
Could not put Humpty, Dumpy together again.

I believe with all of my heart that only God can fix life’s most difficult falls. Sometimes they look so hopeless; but nothing is impossible with God. Oh, I can wipe up spilled milk but as all of us know many of life’s events are much more challenging than mopping milk. Please know that I care about your difficult falls this week. I pray your falls have not been horridly difficult but I know some of you have had some of those too. Hang on to God. He has never let me down.