General Information

A $300 registration fee must be paid to reserve a seat in any licensing. Remaining amounts are divided into two or three installments depending on the licensing. Installment payment dates are provided on the registration form, in the confirmation letter and on our web site.

Cancellations before the first installment payment date require a cancellation fee of $100.00 being withheld from any refund. Cancellations after the second installment payment date require a cancellation fee of $175 being withheld from any refund. Cancellations after the final installment date will result in MPC retaining $500 of the tuition with the remainder of the tuition being held as a licensing credit to be used within 2 years of the licensing date. A refund will be issued for any applicable add on charges i.e private room, extra nights. All cancellations must be in writing. The postmark or email date will determine any refunds that apply.

All Licensings Include

  • Half of a double room – an additional surcharge will be applied for private accommodations
  • Meals on all full days of licensing
  • Wholesale shopping
  • Professional photo
  • Master copy of the licensing curriculum and lifetime co-ownership of the curriculum copyright alongside of Martha Pullen Company
  • Students traveling from outside the Continental USA will be able to borrow a machine. Other students with special circumstances may borrow a machine depending on availability.


All of your hotel arrangements are handled by the Licensing Department at Martha Pullen Company. We take care of any additional nights, special requests or post-registration changes that you may have. Your licensing fee provides for half of a double room. If you prefer private accommodations, a surcharge will apply. The Licensing Department makes all room assignments, but you may request to room with a fellow classmate who plans to attend. Both attendees must indicate their roommate preference on their individual registration form. Please call the Licensing Department at 800-547-4176, ext 4 when you have any questions about your hotel accommodations.


All meals for students are included in the licensing fee. Complimentary breakfast tickets are provided for all students who are staying at our host hotel. Please see the Guest Information section regarding meals for guests who accompany students.

Special Diets

While we are unable to accommodate specific dietary limitations, the hotel meals are buffet style and there is always a salad bar available for lunch and dinner. If you have concerns about available food choices, please discuss those with a member of the Licensing department when you register. The hotel has a limited number of refrigerators available for rental if you need to store special food or medicine during the week.

Guest Information

We love to have guests join us for any business seminars and all meals. Since they have not paid for a seat in the licensing class, we do ask that they not be in the classroom during orientation and teaching sessions. Guests pay for all meals except pizza night and the final meal at Martha and Joe’s home. Procedures for any meal payments due will be explained at registration check-in on the first afternoon. We are happy to make suggestions for activities that your guest might enjoy while you are in class.

After Licensing

Once you return home, help is never more than a phone call away. Students leave with teacher contact information and each class sets up a limited-access Yahoo group to maintain friendships and ask sewing-related questions as they arise. About one month after the licensing, students are mailed a CD containing the master PDF files of the curriculum along with the professional pictures that were taken of the individual student and Martha Pullen.